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Chairman: K. NAKAGAWA Co-chairman: S. BUBNOV

Author Title Page No

I.B. Everingham, New Guinea

The Major Papua New Guinea Earthquakes Near Madang (1970) and Beneath the North Solomon Sea (1971)


A.G. Nazarov, B.K. Karapetian, N.K. Karapetian, V.L. Mnatsakanian, S.A. Pirouzian, D.N. Roustanovich, S.A. Shahinian, and L.V. Shahsouvarian

Results of Engineering-Seismological Studies of the Zanghezour Earthquakes in 1968


P.C. Jennings and G.W. Housner, California, U.S.A.

The San Fernando, California, Earthquake of February 9, 1971


A.K. Chopra, V.V. Bertero, and S.A. Mahin, California, U.S.A. M. Yamada and H. Kawamura, Japan, and Debate

Response of the Olive View Medical Center Main Building During the San Fernando Earthquake Prepared Discussion

M. Yamada and H. Kawamura, Japan, and Debate Prepared Discussion 36

L.G. Selna, M.D. Cho, and R.K. Ramanathan, California, US.A.

Evaluation of Olive View Hospital Behavior on Earthquake Resistant Design

H. Aoyama, Japan, and Discussion Closure Prepared Discussion 46

V.V. Bertero, B. Bresler, L.G. Selna, A.K. Chopra, and A.V. Koretsky, California, U.S.A

Design Implications of Damage Observed in the Olive View Medical Center Buildings

H. Aoyama, Japan Prepared Discussions 61

L. A. Wyllie, Jr., F. E. McClure, and H. J. Degenkolb, California, U.S.A

Performance of Underground Structures at the Joseph Jensen Filtration Plant


L.W. Bockemohle, California, U.S.A.

Earthquake Behavior of Commercial-Industrial Buildings in the San Fernando Valley

G.V. Berg and R.D. Hanson,Micbigan,U.S.A. Engineering Lessons Taught by Earthquakes 82

M. Izumi, Japan, and Debate

Prepared Discussion

J.E. Amrhein, G. Hegemier and G. Krishnamoorthy, California, U.S.A Reports on the Nicaragua Earthquake of December 1972 94

Chairman: T. HISADA Co-chairman: W.D. IWAN

Author Title Page No
E. Keintzel, Rumania On the Seismic Analysis of Unsymmetrical Storied Buildings 110
P. Caravani and W.T. Thomson, California, USA Identification of Damping Coefficients from System Response 114
M. Ozaki, Y. Ishiyama, and Y. Yamazaki, Japan Earthquake Response Prediction of Reinforced Concrete Buildings 118
G. Krishnamoorthy, GA. Young, and GA. Hegemier, California, USA Prediction of the Torsional Response of a Multi-Story Reinforced Concrete Masonry Building by a Three Dimensional Dynamic Analysis 129
J. Pajuhesh and A.H. Hadjian, California, U.S.A. Determination of Composite Damping Matrices 133
H. Aoyama, Japan, and MA. Sozen, Illinois, U.S.A. Dynamic Response of a Reinforced Concrete Structure with "Tied" and "Spiral" Columns 137
V.T. Rasskazovsky, U.S.S.R. Calculation of Building Response to Real Earthquake Accelerograms 146
W.K. Tso and J.K. Biswas, Canada Torsional Analysis of Core Wall Structures 149
P. Mazilu, H. Sandi, and D. Teodorescu, Rumania Analysis of Torsional Oscillations 153
H. Sato and K. Suzuki, Japan On the Response Analysis of the Structure System Subjected to Multi-Seismic Motions 163
F. Novoa M., Chile Prepared Discussion 173
P. Ruiz and F. Reyes, Chile A Finite Element for the Interaction of Frames and Shear Walls 174
T. Konno and E. Kimura, Japan Earthquake Effects on Steel Tower Structures Atop Building 184
R Novoa M., Chile Prepared Discussion 194
F.Y. Cheng, W.H. Tseng, and J.H. Senne Missouri, U.S.A. Dynamic Instability and Ultimate Capacity of Parametrically Excited Structures 195
E. Juhasova, Czechoslovakia, J. Henrych, Czechoslovakia, V. Kolousek, Czechoslovakia Free Discussions 199

Chairman: J.F. BORGES Co-chairman: G. OBERTI

Author Title Page No
W.H. Boyce, New Guinea Vibration Tests on a Simple Water Tower 220
J.P. Balsara and J. Fowler, Mississippi, U.S.A. Vibration Tests of North Fork Dam Model 226
D.L. Bernreuter and F.J. Tokarz, California, US.A Providing an Earthquake-Like Environment for Testing Full-Scale Structures by Using the Ground Motion from Underground Nuclear Tests 230
J. Petrovski, D. Jurukovski, and T. Paskalov, Yugoslavia Dynamic Properties of Fourteen Story R.C. Frame Building from Full Scale Forced Vibration Study and Formulation of Mathematical Model 234
A. Negoita and I. Pop, Rumania Researches on the Ductility of Reinforced Expanded Clay Concrete Members 244
H. Krawinkler and E.P. Popov, California, U.S.A. Hysteretic Behavior of Reinforced Concrete Rectangular and T-Beams 249
K. Kanai, Japan (paper withdrawn from the author) Energy Dissipation in Strong Earthquake Motion of Existing Buildings 259
J.G. Bouwkamp and R.M. Stephen, California, U.S.A. Ambient and Forced Vibration Studies of a Multistory Pyramid-Shaped Building 260
G.T. Taoka, A.S. Furumoto, and A.N.L. Chiu, Hawaii, U.S.A. Natural Periods of a Tall Shear Wall Building 270
F. Briceno E., Venezuela, A.F. Espinosa, Colorado, U.S.A., and J. Arcia R. Venezuela Dynamic Response Study of the Palace Corvin Building in Caracas, Venezuela 274
I.R. Stubbs and V.R. McLamore, California, US.A The Ambient Vibration Survey 286
P. Ibanez and R.D. Shanman, California, U.S.A. Identification of Dynamic Structural Parameters from Experimental Data 290
I.P. Kuliyev, G.A. Aliyev, and F.M. Gadfiyev, USS.R. Investigation of the Dynamic Characteristics of the Offshore Oil-Field Structures 294
V.N. Shaishmelashvili and N.A. Edisherashvili, U.S.S.R Experimental Studies of Dynamic Characteristics of Multy-Storey Steel Frame Building Large-Scale Models with Different Vertical Bracings 299
R.W. Clough and P. Hidalgo, California, U.S.A Design of a Shaking Table Test for a Reinforced Concrete Frame Structure 304
R.W. Clough, D. Rea, D. Tang, and M. Watabe, California, U.S.A. Earthquake Simulator Test of a Three Story Steel Frame Structure 308

Chairman: H.B. SEED Co-chairman: W.D.L. FINN

Author Title Page No
J.H. Travers and R. Shepherd, New Zealand Wave Propagation and Lumped Mass Analysis Techniques applied to the,  determination of Response Layered systems to Sinusoidal and Seisimic Excitation   314
E. Rosenblueth, Mexico Prepared Discussion 318
A. Asada, F. Kawakami, and M. Kamiyama, Japan On the Characteristics of Seismic Motion in Soft Soil Layers 319
E. Rosenblueth, Mexico Prepared Discussion 328
K. Ishihara and S. Yasuda, Japan Sand Liquefaction Under Random Earthquake Loading Condition 329
T.S. Coughlin, D.E. Troxell, and P.C. Rizzo, Pennsylvania, U.S.A Consideration of Earthquake Resistant (Class I) Slopes and Dams 339

A.S. Arya, India

Prepared Discussion 343
H. Uezawa and M. Nasu, Japan Anti-Earthquake Measures for Embankment on a Weak Ground 346
K.H. Stokoe, II, Massachusetts, U.S.A., and F.E. Richart, Jr., Michigan, U.S.A. Shear Moduli of Soils, In-Situ and From Laboratory Tests 356
W.D.L. Finn and R.I.S. Miller, Canada Dynamic Analysis of Plane Non-Linear Earth Structures 360
J.E. Valera and N.C. Donovan, California, U.S.A Incorporation of Uncertainties in the Seismic Response of Soils 370
J. Ghaboussi and E.L. Wilson, California, U.S.A. Liquefaction Analysis of Saturated Granular Soils 380
T.S. Atrakhova, G.N. Belgorodskaya, A.P. Valov, V.L. Golubyatnikov, M.M. Nikiforova, G.S. Seleznev, G.I. Tschalkina, and U.L. Zaslawskiy, U.S.S.R. A Study on Dynamics of Earth Dams During Earthquakes 390
S.G. Napetvaridze, A.R. Khvoles, and T.P. Vekua, U.S.S.R The Inverse Problem of Engineering Seismology 399
E. Faccioli, L. Esteva, and R. Cervantes, Mexico Probabilistic Analysis of Nonlinear Seismic Response of Stratified Soil Deposits 414
A. Dvorak, Czechoslovakia Free Discussion 419

Chairman: S.V. POLIAKOV Co-chairman: M.P. GAUS

Author Title Page No
A.A. Moinfar, Iran Destructive Earthquake of 10 April 1972 in Ghir (Iran) 428
R. Razani, Iran, and K.L. Lee, California, U.S.A An Engineering Study of the QIR Earthquake in Southern Iran,April 10, 1972 438
J. Kuroiwa, E. Deza, and H. Jaen, Peru Investigations on the Peruvian Earthquake of May 31, 1970 447
E. Rosenblueth, Mexico Prepared Discussion 457
G.V. Berg, Michigan, U.S.A., and R.L. Husid, Chile Structural Behavior in the 1970 Peru Earthquake 458
R.M. Lastrico and J. Monge, Chile Engineering Aspects of the July 8, 1971 Earthquake in Central Chile 468
F. Novoa M., Chile Prepared Discussion 478
A. Vives, V. Caruz, and H. San Martin, Chile Damage on Low-Income Housing Due to the Earthquake of July 8th, 1971 in Chile 479
A.R. Flores, Philippines The Luzon Earthquakes of August 2, 1968 and April 7, 1970 483
S.K. Guha, P.D. Gosavi, and S.C. Marwadi, India Macro seismic Studies of Some Recent Indian Earthquakes 493
E.B. Agalarova, R.A. Agamirzoyev, E.K. Gyul, V.A. Kasparov, and F.T. Kuliyev, U.S.S.R. Strong and Destructive Earthquakes and Seismic Activity of the Azerbaijan SSR and the Caspian Water Area 497
T. Rashidov, V.T. Rasskazovsky, and K.S. Abdurashidov, U.S.S.R. Consequences of Tashkent Earthquake 1966 and Testing of Restored Brick Walls 508
E. Karaesmen, Turkey Observations on the Behaviour of Reinforced Concrete Framed Buildings During 22 May 1971 Bingol Earthquake 518
Y. Kobayashi and T. Fujiwara, Japan Railway Embankments in the 1968 Tokachioki Earthquake 525
E. Arioglu and K. Anadol, Turkey The Structural Performance of the Rural Dwellings During Recent Destructive Earthquakes in Turkey (1969-1972) 529
S.S. Tezcan, M. Ipek, and S. Acar, Turkey Reasons for the Earthquake Damage to the New High School Building in Burdur,Turkey 539

Chairman: R.W. CLOUGH Co-chairman: K. KANETA

Author Title Page No
S. Okamoto, C. Tamura, K. Kato, and M. Hamada, Japan Behaviors of Submerged Tunnels During Earthquakes 544
N.M. Newmark and W.J. Hallt, Illinois, USA Seismic Design Spectra for Trans-Alaska Pipeline 554
Y. Aoki and S. Hayashi, Japan Spectra for Earthquake Resistive Design of Underground Long Structures 558
K. Kubo, Japan Behavior of Underground Water pipes During an Earthquake 569
Y. Goto, J. Ota, and T. Sato, Japan On the Earthquake Response of Submerged Tunnels 579
N. Nasu, S. Kazama, T. Morioka, and T. Tamura, Japan Vibration Test of the Underground Pipe with a Comparatively Large Cross-Section 583
T. Rashidov, U.S.S.R The Principles of the Dynamic Theory of Earthquake Resistance of the Complex Systems of Underground Structures 593
A. Sakurai, C. Kurihara, and T. Takahashi, Japan A Proposal for Earthquake Response Analyses of Long Structures and Aseismic Design Criteria of Pipe Lines 603
M.S. Agbabian,  California, U.S.A., and C.C. Diemond, Oregon, U.S.A An Assessment of the Earthquake Resistant Design of Electrical Power Transmission Facilities 607
F. Novoa M., Chile

Prepared Discussion

K.L. Merz, SA. Adham, and P.J. Richter, California, USA Use of Nonlinear Analysis to Interpret Earthquake Response of Pendular Supported High Voltage Electrical Equipment 620
F. Novoa M., Chile Earthquake Analysis and Specification of the High Voltage Electrical Equipment 624
AS. Veletsos, Texas, U.S.A Seismic Effects in Flexible Liquid Storage Tanks 630
R. Shepherd, New Zealand The Seismic Response of Elevated Water Tanks Supported on Cross Braced Towers 640
C.J. Costantino and C.A. Miller, New York, USA Seismic Analysis of Liquid Sodium Storage Tanks 650

Chairman: B.A. BOLT Co-chairman: R. YARAR

Author Title Page No
T. Tanaka, S. Yoshizawa, T. Morishita, K. Osada, and Y. Osawa, Japan Observation and Analysis of Underground Earthquake Motions 658
E. Kuribayashi, T. Iwasaki, Y. lida, and K. Tuji, Japan Effects of Seismic and Subsoil Conditions on Earthquake Response Spectra 668
K. Seo, N. Konoue, T. Tsunoda, S. Watanabe, and K. Nakagawa, Japan Characteristics of Seismic Waves in Bedrock at the Higashi-Matsuyama Earthquake 672
W.K. Cloud, California, US.A. Strong Motion During Earthquakes 676
CM. Duke and P.J. Hradilek, California, U.S.A Spectral Analysis of Site Effects in the San Fernando Earthquake 680
D.E. Hudson and F.E. Udwadia, California, US.A Local Distribution of Strong Earthquake Ground Motions 691
M.D. Trifunac, California, U. S. A.  Characterization of Response Spectra by Parameters Governing the Gross Nature of Earthquake Source Mechanisms 701
N.N. Ambraseys, Great Britain

Prepared Discussion

A.K. Mai and A.R. Carriveau, California, US.A Earthquake Ground Motion Near the Source 706
H. Tsuchida, T. Uwabe, and S. Hayashi, Japan Characteristics of Base Rock Motions Calculated from Strong Motion Accelerograms 716
K. Irikura, J. Akamatsu, and T. Furuzawa, Japan Some Problems in Determining Earthquake Ground Motions on Base Rock 727
W.J. Hall, N.M. Newmark, and B. Mohraz, Illinois, US.A Comments on Earthquake Transmission from Basement Rock to Surface 737
A.F. Espinosa and S.T. Algermissen, Colorado, US.A Ground Amplification Studies in the Caracas Valley and the Northern Coastal Area of Venezuela 741
K. Toki, Japan, and S. Cherry, Canada Inference of Underground Seismic Motions from Surface Accelerograph Records 745
W.V. Mickey, Colorado, USA., V. Perez, and W.K. Cloud, California, USA Amplification Studies of the Pacoima Dam from Aftershocks of the San Fernando Earthquake 755
SS. Tezcan, Turkey Microtremor Studies in Adapazari, Turkey 763
D. Linehan and V.J. Murphy, Massachusetts, USA Caracas Earthquake of July 1967 - Geophysical Field Measurements 767

Chairman: E. GIANGRECO Co-chairman: T. KIRIJAS

Author Title Page No
R. Park and T. Paulay, New Zealand Behaviour of Reinforced Concrete External Beam-Column Joints Under Cyclic Loading 772
J.G. Bouwkamp and Ö.KÜstÜ, California, USA Experimental Study of Spandrel Wall Assemblies 782
M. Yamada and S. Yagi, Japan Shear Explosion of Reinforced Concrete Short Columns 791
K. Takanashi, Japan Inelastic Lateral Buckling of Steel Beams Subjected to Repeated and Reversed Loadings 795
M. Hakuno, Japan Hybrid Failure Test on a Structural Member 799
B.I. Karlsson, Sweden, H. Aoyama, Japan, and M.A. Sozen, Illinois, USA Spirally Reinforced Concrete Columns Subjected to Loading Reversals Simulating Earthquake Effects 803
J.K. Wight, Illinois, USA., and Y. Kanoh, Japan Shear Failure of Reinforced Concrete Columns Subjected to Cyclic Loading 807
R.M. McCafferty and M.L. Moody, Colorado, USA. Dynamic Characteristics of Reinforced Concrete Beam-Column Specimens for Various Levels of Cracking 811
M. Hirosawa, M. Ozaki, and M. Wakabayashi, Japan Experimental Study on Large Models of Reinforced Concrete Columns 815
B. Kato and M. Nakao, Japan The Influence of the Elastic Plastic Deformation of Beam-to-Column Connections on the Stiffness, Ductility and Strength of Open Frames 825

H. Krawinkler, V.V. Bertero, and E. Popov, California, USA

Prepared Discussion

R. Tanabashi, K. Kaneta, and T. Ishida, Japan On the Rigidity and Ductility of Steel Bracing Assemblage 834
Sugano and I. Koreishi, Japan An Empirical Evaluation of Inelastic Behavior of Structural Elements in Reinforced Concrete Frames Subjected to Lateral Forces 841
M. Shibata, T. Nakamura, N. Yoshida, S. Morino, T. Nonaka, and M. Wakabayashi, Japan Elastic-Plastic Behavior of Steel Braces Under Repeated Axial Loading 845
W.D.L. Finn, Canada, and E. Varoglu, Turkey Seismic Interaction Between Parts of a Dynamic System 849
R. Meli, Mexico Behavior of Masonry Walls Under Lateral Loads 853

Chairman: N.R NIELSEN Co-chairman: FJE. McCLURE

Author Title Page No
M. Yamada and H. Kawamura, Japan Fundamental New Aseismic Design of Reinforced Concrete Buildings 864
R.M. McCafferty and M.L. Moody, Colorado, U.S.A. An Example of Epoxy Mortar Repair of a Reinforced Concrete Beam-Column Joint 868
F. Barda, J.M. Hanson, and W.G. Corley, Illinois, U.S.A An Investigation of the Design and Repair of Low-Rise Shear Walls 872
J. Warner, California, U.S.A Restoration of Earthquake Damaged Concrete and Masonry 882
C.J. Thompson, South Africa Repair of Buildings Damaged by the 1969 Boland Earthquake 886
I. Rienzo, Italy Prepared Discussion 894
W.E. Gates, California, U.S.A. Design Lessons Learned from the Performance of Instrumented High-Rise Buildings in the San Fernando Earthquake 900
S.A. Freeman, California, U.S.A

Prepared Discussion

T. Miki, T. Homma, and M. Hirosawa, Japan Evaluation of Earthquake Resistant Properties and Strengthening of Existing Building 911
E.A.B. Salse and M. Fintel, Illinois, U.S.A Strength, Stiffness and Ductility Properties of Slender Shear Walls 919
R. Razani, Iran, and J.G. Bouwkamp, California, U.S.A Earthquake Resistant Design of Reinforced Concrete Structures with External Short Columns and Deep Spandrel Beams 929
W.G. Corley and J.M. Hanson, Illinois, U.S.A Design of Earthquake-Resistant Structural Walls 933

Chairman: K. KUBO Co-chairman: A.C. HEIDEBRECHT

Author Title Page No
E. Kuribayashi and T. Iwasaki, Japan Dynamic Properties of Highway Bridges 938
WS. Tseng and J. Penzien, California, USA Seismic Response of Highway Over crossings 942
S.K. Thakkar and A.S. Arya, India Dynamic Response of Arches Under Seismic Forces 952
L.I. Dyatlovitsky and V.P. Turov, U.S.S.R Stress-Strain Analysis Method for Dams Under Seismic Actions 957
B. Nath, Great Britain A Finite Element-Analogue Method for Determining the Dynamic Characteristics of an Arch Dam-Reservoir System 967
P.R. Perumalstoami and L. Kar, South Dakota, US.A Earthquake Behavior of Arch Dam-Reservoir Systems 977
G.C. Rouse and L.H. Roehm, Colorado, USA An Arch Dam Design Method for Seismic Loadings 994
L.W. Heller, Mississippi, USA., and J.E. Ahlberg, Georgia, USA Earth Dam Motion Due to a Deep Nuclear Explosion 1000
M.J. Kaldjian, Michigan, USA Foundation-Dam Interaction and Spatial Variation in Ground Motion 1004
H. Watanabe, Japan Analysis of Non-Elastic and Non-Linear Vibration of Rock Fill Dams Using - Finite Element Method 1008
SA. Gadomski, California, USA Seismic Response of Van Norman Reservoir Outlet Towers 1012
J.P. Hollings and D.J. Dellow, New Zealand The Selection of Seismic Design Loadings by the Use of Return Period Graphs 1016

Chairman: D.E. HUDSON Co-chairman: A.G. YAGÜE

Author Title Page No
C.F. Knudson, California, USA Present-Day Status of Worldwide Strong-Motion Instruments 1028
E.laccarino and C. Zaffiro, Italy Studies on a Network of Strong Motion Accelerographs to be Installed in Italy 1038
W.G. Milne and G.C. Rogers, Canada Deployment of Strong Motion Seismographs in Western Canada 1042
H.T. Halverson, California, U.S.A A Technical Review of Recent Strong Motion Accelerographs 1046
E.S. Borisevich, D.P. Kirnos, and V.M. Fremd, U.S.S.R. Soviet Instruments for Registration of Strong Earthquakes 1056
B.K. Karapetian, A.S. Mouradian, A.K. Mouradian, and A.G. Nazarov, U.S.S.R Multi-Pendulum Seismometers of New Design 1066
W.J. Rihn California, U.S.A Magnetic Tape Recording and Processing of Strong-Motion Data 1069
Y.Ohta and T. Asada, Japan Strong Motion Observation System with a Wide Amplitude Range. Part I: Construction of Headquarters Station 1073
P.S. Klasky, R.R. Staton, I.R. Stubbs, and J.E. Fix, Texas, U.S.A. Structural Monitoring Techniques and Instrumentation for Nuclear Power Plants 1077
Earthquake Alarm Group (K. Kanai, S. Okamoto,
H. Kobayashi, M. Katsumata, M. Hakuno, and Y. Ohta, Japan)
A Plan for Strong Earthquake Alarm System 10 Seconds Before it Attacks the City of Tokyo 1081
S.V. Poliakov, B.E. Denisov, B.A. Kirikov, O.I. Ponomarev, G.V. Mamaeva, and Y.A. Vypryazhkin, U.S.S.R The Problems of Engineering Seismometric Service Organization and Instrumental Data Analysis 1085
J. Prince, H. Rodriguez, E.Z. Jaworski, and G. Kilander, Mexico A Strong Motion Radio Telemetry Network 1095

Chairman: J. DESPEYROUX Co-chairman: PC. JENNINGS

Author Title Page No
A. Parducci and A. Samuelli Ferretti, Italy Prismatic Reinforced Concrete Members Alternate Bending Beyond the Yielding of the Reinforcement Under Axial Loads 1106
C.M. Alexander, A.C. Heidebrecht, and W.K. Tso, Canada Cyclic Load Tests on Shear Wall Panels 1116
A.E. Cardenas E., Peru Shear Walls - Research and Design Practice 1120
W.H. Townsend and R.D. Hanson, Michigan, U.S.A. Hysteresis Loops for Reinforced Concrete Beam-Column Connections 1131
K. Muto, N. Ohmori, and T, Takahashi, Japan A Study on Reinforced Concrete Slitted Shear Walls for High-Rise Buildings 1135
T. Shimazu and M. Hirai, Japan Strength Degradation of Reinforced Concrete Columns Subjected to Multi-Cycle Reversals of Lateral Load at Given Amplitudes of Post-Yielding Deformation 1139
Y. Higashi, M. Ohkubo, and K. lida, Japan Elasto-Plastic Behavior of Reinforced Concrete Beams with Spandrel Walls Under Anti-Symmetric Cyclic Loads 1143
Y. Gyoten, K. Mizuhata, and I. Tsuyama, 'Japan Experimental Study on Low Cycle Fatigue of a Structural Member Subjected to Earthquake Loads 1153
T. Shiga, A. Shibata, and J. Takahashi, Japan Experimental Study on Dynamic Properties of Reinforced Concrete Shear Walls 1157
N. Uchida, T. Aoyagi, M. Kawamura, and K. Nakagawa, Japan Vibration Test of Steel Frame Having Precast Concrete Panels 1167
W.K. Tso, E. Pollner, and A.C. Heidebrecht, Canada Cyclic Loading on Externally Reinforced Masonry Walls 1177
W.P. Vann, Texas, U.S.A., L.E. Thompson, Missouri, U.S.A., L.E. Whalley, Texas, U.S.A., and L.D. Ozier, Georgia, U.S.A Cyclic Behavior of Rolled Steel Members 1187
M. Wakabayashi, C. Matsui, K. Minami, and I. Mitani, Japan Inelastic Behavior of Steel Frames Subjected to Constant Vertical and Alternating Horizontal Loads 1194
J.O. Jirsa, Texas, U.S.A Factors Influencing the Hinging Behavior of Reinforced Concrete Members Under Cyclic Overloads 1198
G.M. Bo, A. Cast oldi, L. Goffi, Italy, and A. Popovici, Rumania Experimental Research on the Elastoplastic Behaviour in Dynamic Operative Conditions of Systems of Two Degrees of Freedom 1205

Chairman: A. ARIAS Co-chairman: CM. DUKE

Author Title Page No
A. Cast ellani and V. Petrini, Italy Research Activity on Design Response Spectra for Italian Sites 1210
M.D. Trifunac, F.E. Udwadia, and A.G. Brady, California, U.SA Recent Developments in Data Processing and Accuracy Evaluations of Strong Motion Acceleration Measurements 1214
M. Hirasawa, T. Suzuki, and T. Kuwabara, Japan Statistical Characteristics of Response Spectra of Earthquake Motions in Japan 1224
V. Perez, California, U.S.A Peak Ground Accelerations and Their Effect on the Velocity Response Envelope Spectrum as a Function of Time, San Fernando Earthquake, February 9, 1971 1234
R. Husid, Chile, and C. Medone, Argentina Spectral Analysis of the July 8, 1971 Earthquake in Central Chile 1244
A.G. Brady and D.E. Hudson, California, USA Standard Data Processing of Strong Motion Accelerograms 1248
N.C. Donovan, California, USA A Statistical Evaluation of Strong Motion Data Including the February 9, 1971 San Fernando Earthquake 1252
G.R. Saragoni, Chile, and G.C. Hart, California, USA Time Variation of Ground Motion Frequency Content: Characterization and Relevance 1262
T. Itoh, H. Yamahara, and Y. Otsuki, Japan Earthquake Response Analysis and Data Processing by the Fourier Transform 1266
J. Krishna, A.S. Arya, and K. Kumar, India Determination of Isoacceleration Lines by Sliding and Overturning of Objects 1270
P.C. Jennings, California, USA Computation of Individual Fourier Spectrum Ordinates 1280
D. ÖzgÜr and A. GÜrpinar, Turkey Theoretical Simulation of Earthquake Acceleration Spectra 1284
D. Tocher and W.H. Bakun, California, USA A Comparison of the Spectra of Small and Moderate Earthquakes 1294
B.A. Bolt, California, USA. Duration of Strong Ground Motion 1304
Y. Kobayashi, Japan Prepared Discussion 1314

Chairman: G.V. BERG Co-chairman: H. TAJIMI

Author Title Page No
J. Krishna and A.R. Chandrasekaran, India Influence of Bridge Bearings on Aseismic Design of Simply Supported Bridge Spans 1318
Y. Yamada, Y. Goto, and H. Takemiya, Japan Studies on the Earthquake-Resistant Design of Suspension Bridge Tower and Pier System 1329
A. Ravara and R.T. Duarte, Portugal Non-Linear Response and Structural Ductility of Reinforced Concrete Buildings Under Strong Seismic Actions 1339
R.K. Wen, Michigan, USA., and P.S. Natarajan, India Inelastic Seismic Behavior of Frame-Wall Systems 1343
J. Lord, C. Meyer, J. Brent Hoerner, and M. Zayed, California, USA Inelastic Dynamic Analysis of a 60 Story Building 1353
M. Ifrim and A. Dobrescu, Rumania Simplified Analysis of Shear Walls in Tall Buildings to Earthquake Action 1357
A. Bratescu, M. lonita, H. Sandi, and I. Simulescu, Rumania Analysis of Multi-Story Bearing Wall Structures 1361
J.K. Minami and J. Sakurai, Japan Seismic Response of Buildings With and Without Basements and Piles 1371
L. Nunziante, Italy The Influence of the Behavior of the Material on Response of the Structures to Dynamic Loads 1375
S. Tani, S. Nomura, T. Nagasaka, A. Hiramatsu, and I. Mochizuki, Japan Earthquake Response of Reinforced Concrete Structures Considering the Discontinuous Failure Process to Collapse 1379
H. Muguruma, M. Tominaga, and F. Watanabe, Japan Response Analysis of Reinforced Concrete Structures Under Seismic Forces 1389
A.R. Chandrasekaran, India Effective Live Load Under Earthquake Conditions in Multi-Story Frames 1393
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Volume II

Chairman: J. KRISHNA Co-chairman: C.C. THIEL

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Chairman: N.N. AMBRASEYS Co-chairman: A.A. MOINFAR

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Chairman: K. KANAI Co-chairman: M.A. SOZEN

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Chairman: H. UMEMURA Co-chairman: A.S. VELETSOS

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Chairman: J.K. MINAMI Co-chairman: A. CASTELLANI

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Chairman: J. PENZIEN Co-chairman: T. KOBORI

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Author Title Page No
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