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Programme Technical Sessions:


Session I

Session III 157
Session II 159
Session IV 163
Session V 166
Special Reports 167

Special Lectures

Author Title Page No
K. Muto Recent Trends in High-rise Building Design in Japan 119
J. E. Rinne The Earthquake Challenge to the Structural Engineer 148

Soil and Foundation Conditions Relative to Earthquake Problems (Session I)

Author Title Page No
J. K. Minami Session Report I-1
Z. Bazant Stability of Saturated Sand During Earthquake I-6
J F. Fleming, F. N. Screwvala, R. L. Kondner    Foundation Superstructure Interaction Under Earthquake Motion  I-22
M. Hatanaka

An Experimental Study on the Earthquake Resistant Property of Breakwaters of the Cylindrical Shell Type 

I. Herrera, E. Rosenblueth Response Spectra on Stratified Soil


I. Herrera, E. Rosenblueth, O. A. Rascon

Earthquake Spectrum Prediction for the Valley of Mexico

R. L. Kondner Characteristic Periods of Cohesive Soil foundation Systems I-75
J. Krishna, S. Prakash     Earth Dams Subjected to Earthquakes I-83
R. L. Konder, R. J. Krizek Dynamic Response of Cohesive Soils for Earthquake Considerations  I-96
R. H. Clark, R. R. Dibble, H E. Fyfe, G. J. Lensen, 
R. P. Suggate
Tectonic and Earthquake Risk Zoning in New Zealand I-107
H. Matuo,  S. Ohara Dynamic Pore Water Pressure Acting on Quay Walls During Earthquakes I-130
N. Nasu Ground Investigations in City Areas in Japan I-143

R. F. Scott

Soil Mechanics and Foundation Engineering Aspects of the Alaskan Earthquake of March 27, 1964 I-157

T. Tajime, S. Terada, T. Mochizuki

Vibrational Property and Earthquake Response of Tall Building Supported with Caisson or Pile

J. Takeda, H. Tachikawa

Mechanical Properties of Sand Subjected  to Dynamic Load by Shallow Footing


P. W, Taylor, J. M. O. Hughes

Dynamic Properties of Foundation Sub- soils as Determined from Laboratory Tests

J. K. Minami Summary Report I-213
S. Prakash, S. L. Aggarwal Study of a Vertical Pile under Dynamic Lateral Load I-215
F. Penta

The Ground Factor in the New Italian Building Code


S. Prakash, J. N. Mathur

A Pore Pressure Pick-up for Dynamic Studies of Soils


Seismicity and Earthquake Ground Motion (Session III)

Author Title Page No

D. E. Hudson

Session Report


J. A. Brooks

Seismicity of the Territory of Papua and New Guinea

V. I. Bune

Seismic Investigations in the Vaksh Area of Tadzhik Republic Relating to Large Dam Construction Projects

I. D. Dick Extreme Value Theory and Earthquakes III-45

P. C. J. Duflou, R. I. Skinner

New Strong-motion Accelerograph


G. A. Eiby

The Assessment of Earthquake Felt Intensities


H. T. Halverson

The Strong-motion Accelerograph

G. W. Housner

Intensity of Earthquake Ground Shaking near the Causative Fault


Hsu, Ming-Tung

Seismicity In Taiwan III-116

V. A. Jenschke, R. W. Clough, J. Penzien

Characteristics of Strong Ground Motions


J. Krishna, A. R. Chandrasekaran

Structural Response Recorders  


D. A. Lacer

A Simulation of Earthquake Amplification  Spectra for Southern California Sites


S. V. Medvedev

New Seismic Regionalisation of USSR Territory


W. G. Milne, A. G. Davenport

Statistical Parameters Applied to Seismic Regionalization


A. Ravera

Spectral Analysis of Seismic Actions


J. P. Rothe

Seismic Maps of France


I. A. Yershov, G. A. Lyamzina, V. V. Shteinberg

Methods of Estimating the Effect of Superficial Deposits on the Intensity of Seismic Oscillations


F. F. Evison

Summary Report

S. V. Puchkov

On Intensity of Earthquakes on Rocky Grounds


D. S. Carder

Earthquake Prediction, Past, Present and Possibilities for the Future

L. S. Srivastava, R. S. Mithal

Seismicity and Tectonic History of the Indo-Gangetic Plains



Analysis of Structural Response and Instruments (Session II)

Author Title Page No
G. W. Housner Session Report II-1
S. Balan, M. Ierim, C. Pacoste Direct Determination of Equivalence Coefficients of Masses in the Antiseismic  Computation of Structures II -21
S. Cherry, A. G. Brady Determination of Structural Dynamic Properties by Statistical Analysis of Random Vibrations II -50
R. W. Clough, K. L. Benuska, E. L. Wilson Inelastic Earthquake Response of Tall Buildings II -68
I. Funahashi, K. Klnoshita The Vibrational Analysis of the Tower Building II-90
H. Goto, K. Toki Vibrational Characteristics and Aseismic Design of Submerged Bridge Piers II-107
T. Hatano Vibration of Visco-elastic Body II-126
S. Hayashi, N. Miyajima, I. Yamashita Horizontal Resistance of Steel Piles  under Static and Dynamic Loads II-146
T. Hisada, K. Nakagawa, M. Izumi

Earthquake Response of Idealized Twenty Storey Buildings Having Various Elasto-plastic Properties

D. E. Hudson Equivalent Viscous Friction for Hysteretic Systems with Earthquake-like Excitations II-185
J. Ibanez Displacement Spectrum in the Dynamic Response of Inelastic Structures, for Design Purposes II-207
M. Ihara, C. Ueda Horizontal Loading and Vibration Test on 2-Storied Reinforced Concrete Structures II-220
P. C. Jennings Response of Yielding Structures to Statistically Generated Ground Motion II -237
K. Kanai Some New Problems of Seismic Vibrations of a Structure II -260
C. Katsuta, N. Mashizu Earthquake Isolation Method of Structure by a High Speed Electro-hydraulic Servo-mechanism II -276
H. Kawasumi, E. Shima Some Applications of a Correlator to Engineering Problems II -298
H. Kobayashi The Deflection of Tall Building due to Earthquake II -321
S. Kotsubo Seismic Force Effect on Submerged Bridge Piers with Elliptic Cross Sections II -342
K. Kubo Response of a System of Two Degree Freedom II -357
S. Kurata, H. Arai, T. Yokoi On the Earthquake Resistance of Anchored Sheet-pile Bulkheads II-369
T. Naka, T. Kato, M. Yuasa Dynamical Analysis of Steel Structure by Electronic Analogy II-384
T. Odaka, F. Horie A Study on the Optimum Value of a Seismic Coefficient II-399
R. J. O'driscoll, R. Shepherd, J. H. Wood The Determination of the Normal Mode Properties of Multistory Rectangular Rigid Framed Structures Using an Electrical Analogy II-421
S. Okamoto, M. Hakuno, K. Kato, F. Kawakami On the Dynamical Behaviour of an Earth Dam During Earthquake II-443
Y. Osawa  Seismic Analysis of Core-wall Buildings II-458
J. Penzien, A. K. Chopra Earthquake Response of Appendage on a Multi-story Building II-476
J. M. J. Pereira Behaviour of an Elasto-plastic Oscillator Acted by Random Vibration II-491
H. Rosenfeld Consideration of the Rotation of the  Foundation in the Analysis of a Steel Chimney 130 m High, Subject to  Seismic Movement II-502
M. Rubinstein An Engineering Approach to Computing the Natural Modes and Frequencies of a Tall Building II-516
W. E. Saul, J. F. Fleming, S. L. Lee Dynamic Analysis of Bilinear Inelastic  Multiple Story Shear Buildings II-533
H. Shibata, H. Sato, T. Shigeta Aseismic Design of Machine Structure II-552
T. Shiga Torsional Vibration of Multi-storied Buildings II-569
R. I. Skinner, D. W. C. Skilton, D. A. Laws

Unbalanced Buildings, and Buildings with Light Towers, under Earthquake  Forces

R. Szilard

Dynamic Response of Multi-Level Guyed Towers to Earthquake Considering Non-linearity of the Elastic Supports

H. Tajimi, M. Ohmura, T. Uchida, K. Akino Observed Vibrations of a Nuclear Reactor Building during Some Earthquakes Weak II-619
S. S. Tezcan Earthquake Analysis of Space Structures by Digital Computers II-631
E. Del Valle, J. Prince

Analytical and Experimental Studies of Vibration in Two Buildings

A. S. Veletsos, N. M. Newmark, C. V. Chelapati Deformation Spectra for Elastic and Elastoplastic Systems Subjected to Ground Shock and Earthquake Motions II-663
G. R. Walker Earthquake Resistant Design – The Pulse Method II-683

S . Watanabe , Y. Kida, M. Higuchi

The Vibrational Analysis of a Steel Structure. The Vibrational Test of Ohbayashi-Gumi Building


R. K. Wen3 J. G. Janssen

Dynamic Analysis of Elasto-inelastic Frames II-713

S. Yamamoto, N. Suzuki

Experimental and Theoretical Analysis of Response Against Earthquakes of Tower Structures Having Nonuniform Sections Governed by Bending Vibrations

T. Yoshida, K. Baba Dynamic Response of Dams II-748

G. W. Housner

Summary Report 


A. R. Chandrasekaran

Joint Rotation Effects on the Dynamics of Multistoried Frames II-769

W. D. Iwan

The Dynamic Response of the One Degree of Freedom Bilinear Hysteretic System II-783

I. L. Korchynski,V. A. Blkhovsky

Seismic Resistivity of Extended Structures


A. G. Nazarov

Theoretical Foundation of Investigation of Earthquake Resistance of Structures on Models II-812

M. Mery, S. Rica, M. Lillo, J. Chesta

Forced Vibration Shaking Table in the Institute of Experimental Stability of the University of Chile II-822

Y. Ohchi

Response Analysis of Framed Structures II-825

M. C. Soteriades

Analysis of Dynamic Response of Multistory Buildings under Earthquake Forces, for Design Purposes II-835


Author Title Page No
A. Arias, L. Petit-Laurent

Spectral Theory of Seismic Forces 

S. Gershanik

The Closed Expression of the Response of a Shear Building to a Transient Sinusoidal Excitation

J. E. Gimenez Seismic Analysis of Buildings II-854

M. Ifrim

Contributions to the Seismic Analysis of Frame Structures II-855

B. K. Karapetian

A Study of Vibrations of Structures in Nature II-856

G. N. Kartsivadze

Research on Earthquake Resistance of Bridge Structures II-857

M. G. Korf

Deformation Method in Earthquake Engineering II-858

J. Monge E.

On the Impedance Tensor of a Semi-infinite Elastic Soil under a Rigid Body II-859

E. J. Solnes

The Earthquake Response of a Cantilever Timoshenko Beam II-860
E. Urioste V

A New Method for Antiseismic Buildings Design Employing an "Electrical Network Analogie of Frames" together with Differential Analog Computer



Earthquake Resistant Design, Construction and Regulations (Session IV)

Author Title Page No

E. Rosenblueth

Session Report

J. R. Bennett Earthquake Insurance in New Zealand IV-23

J. R. Blake-Kelly

The Effects of Seismic Engineering on Architecture in New Zealand


J. A. Blume

Earthquake Ground Motion and Engineering Procedures for Important Installations near Active Faults


J. F. Borges

Seismic Design Criteria for Reinforced Concrete Buildings


J. G. Bouwkamp

An Investigation for the Earthquake Resistant Design of Large-size Welded and Bolted Girder to Column Connections


J. G. Bouwkamp

Research on the Structural Damping of Steel Trussed and Framed Multi-story Building


R. J. Burns

An Approximate Method of Analysing Coupled Shear Walls Subject to Triangular Loading


J. I. Bustamante

Seismic Shears and Overturning Moments in Buildings


A. R. Chandrasekaran, J. Krishna

Water Towers in Seismic Zones


C. C. Crawford

Earthquake Design Loadings for Thin Arch Dams


J. Despeyroux

The New French Aseismic Code


J. Despeyroux

On the Use of Prestressed Concrete in Earthquake Resistant Design


Y. Guyon

Energy Absorption by Prestressed Concrete Beams


S. U. Duzinkevich

On the Problem of Unification of Basic Requirements for the Design of Earthquake Resistant Structures


R. Flores

Design Principles of Earthquake Resistant Blast Furnaces


I. L. Holmes

Concrete Masonry Buildings in New Zealand


Y. Ishii, K. Fujita

Field Test on the Lateral Resistance of Large Diameter Steel Pipe Piles and its Application to the Aseismic Design of Pile Bent-type Pier


J. A. R. Johnston, O. A. Glogau, C. F. Candy, G. H. F Mckenzie

Multistoried State Building Design in New Zealand


L. F. Kenna

Brickwork and Earthquakes In New Zealand


I. Konishi, Y. Yamada

Earthquake Response and Earthquake Resistant Design of Long Span Suspension Bridges


J. Krishna, B. Chandra

Strengthening of Brick Buildings against Earthquake Forces


K. Matsushita, M. Izumi

Some Analyses on Mechanism to Decrease Seismic Force Applied to Buildings


K. Matsushita, M. Izumi

Deflection Controlled Elastic Response of Buildings and Methods to Decrease the Effect of Earthquake Forces Applied to Buildings


S. V. Medvedev, A. P. Sinitsym

Seismic Effects on Earth Fill Dams IV-373
J. F. Meehan State of California, Office of Architecture and Construction Earthquake Research IV-400
A. A. Moinfar

Earthquake Engineering Trends in Iran

S. G. Napetvaridze

Research on Earthquake Resistance of Dams in USSR


V. J. Patel, K. L. Arora

Existence of the Critical Surface in Earth Dams during Earthquakes


S. V. Polyakov, V. I. Konovodchenko

Earthquake Resistant Structures of Residential and Public Buildings in the USSR IV-449

W. M. Sutherland

Prestressed Concrete Earthquake Resistant Structures - Development, Performance, and Current Research IV-463

K. Takeyama, T. O T A,Y. Nagata, K. Atsumi

Anti-seismic Design of a High-rise Building in Djakarta IV-508

R. Tanabashi, K. Kaneta, N. Shinkai, Y. Takemura

Earthquake-resistant Design of Kyoto Tower Building IV-521

Y. Tsuboi, M. Kawaguchi

Earthquake- and Wind-resistant Design of a Suspension Roof Structure


H. Umemura, Y. Osawa, A. Shibata

Study on Shearing Forces in Structures Caused by Medium Earthquakes Recorded in Japan


F. Yokoyama, M. Tomizawa, A. Shibata

Aseismic Structural Design of a Bending Type Building


K. Nakano

Experiment on Behaviour of Prestressed Concrete Four Storied Model Structure under Lateral Force


E. Rosenblueth

Summary Report IV-591
J. I. Bustamante Dynamic Behaviour of Noncohesive Embankment Models IV-596

A. L. Churayan, S. A. Djabua

Methods of Monolithing Junctions in Earthquake Resistant Frameless Large Panel Buildings

P. Hidalgo, J. Vasquez,
H. Rojas

Analysis of the Behaviour of the Puerto Montt, Banco Central de Chile Structure
Analysis of the Damage Caused by the 1960 Earthquakes in a Building of the Chiprodal Factory in Llanquihue, Chile

J. A. Cooper Design Considerations for Earthquake Resistant Structures IV-641
R. E. David Effect of Earthquakes on Columns and Bridge Piers, a Method of Design IV-643
H. Sandi Safety of Idealized Structures Subjected to Earthquakes IV-644
K. S. Zavriev

Dynamics and Earthquake Resistance of Pre-stressed Reinforced Concrete Structures


Recent Strong Motion Earthquakes and Resulting Damage (Session V)

Author Title Page No

K. V. Steinbrugge

Session Report


N. N. Ambraseys

An Earthquake Engineering Study of the Buyin-Zahra Earthquake on September 1st, 1962


S. Omote, K. Nakagawa, H. Kobayashi, S. Kawabata, E. Nakaoka

A Report on the Buyin Earthquake (Iran) of September 1st, 1962


 R. W. Binder

The Acapulco, Mexico, Earthquakes of May 11 and 19, 1962


R. Cavaixo, F. Penta

Lessons Drawn From the Most Recent Earthquakes in Italy


E. M. Fournber D'albe

Summary of UNESCO Activities in the Field of Earthquake Engineering


J. Kodera

Some Tendencies in the Failures of Bridges and their Foundations


J. K. Mlnami

Relocation and Reconstruction of the Town of Barce, Cyrenaica, Libya,Damaged by the Earthquake of 21st February, 1963


K. V. Steinbrugge

Summary Report


J. Krishna Engineering Aspects of Badgam Earthquake, 2 September, 1963 V-I 13
Zuei-Ho Tsai

Earthquake and Architecture in Taiwan

V-I 14

Special Reports - "Skopje", "Anchorage", "Niigata"

Author Title Page No
G. V. Berg The 1963 Skopje Earthquake S-I
N. N. Ambraseys

An Earthquake Engineering Viewpoint of the Skopje Earthquake, 26th July, 1963

W. E. Kunze, M. Fintel, J. E. Amrhein The Skopje, Yugoslavia Earthquake of July, 26, 1963


K. V. Steinbrugge

Structural Engineering Aspects of the Alaskan Earthquake of March 27,1964

Japan National Committee On Earthquake Engineering Niigata Earthquake of 1964 S-78