JAPAN 1960

Volume I, Volume II and Volume III

Volume I


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Minutes of Business Meetings

Recommendations for the Formation of an International Organization on Earthquake Engineering 114
Conference Summary, K. Muto 118
Index of Authors and Contributors to the Discussion

Special Lectures

Author Title Page No
Y. Tanaka On the Oldest Aseismic Iron Bridge in Japan 123
T. Naito Fifty Years of Earthquake Engineering Practice 127
G.W. Housner Design of Nuclear Power Reactors Against Earthquakes 133
R.Tanabashi Earthquake Resistance of Traditional Japanese Wooden Structures 151

Soil and Foundation Conditions Relative to Earthquake Problems (Session I)

Author Title Page No
H. Matsuo and S. ōhara Lateral Earth Pressure and Stability of Quay Walls During Earthquakes 165
H. B. Seed Soil Strength During Earthquakes 183
Y. Taharat, T. Takata and M. Fukuoka Some Experimental Studies on the Earthquake Proof Design of the Foundation of Bridge Pier in Soft Ground 197
Y. Ishii, H. Arai and H. Tsuchida Lateral Earthpressure in an Earthquake 211
V. A, Murphy The Effect of Ground Characteristics on the Aseismic Design of Structures 231
S. Shiraishi Resistance of Foundation Ground Against Overturning Forces 249
T, Shinohara, T. Tateishi  and K. Kubo Bearing Capacity of Sandy Soil for Eccentric and Inclined Load and Lateral Resistance of Single Piles Embedded in Sandy Soil 265
S.Niwa An Experimental Study of Oscillating Earth Pressures Acting on a Quay Wall 281
S. Murayama and T. Shibata On the Dynamic Properties of Clay 297
Subsoil Research Team of the Earthquake Research Institute Earthquake Damage and Subsoil Conditions .as Observed in Certain Districts of Japan 311
T. Mogami Session Summary 327

Recent Strong Motion Earthquakes and Resulting Damage (Session V)

Author Title Page No
N.N.. Ambraseys On the Seismic Behaviour of Earth Dams 331
E. Rosenblueth The Earthquake of 28 July 1957 in Mexico City 359
K. V. Steinbrugge and V. R. Bush Earthquake Experience in North America 1950-1959 381
K. C. Cheng Report on the 1951 Earthquake in Taiwan 397
R, Flares, S. Arias, V. Jenschke and L. A. Rosenberg Engineering Aspects of the Earthquakes in the Maipo Valley, Chile, in 1958 409
C. M, Duke Foundations and Earth Structures in Earthquakes 435
J. A. R. Johnston A Brief History of Damaging Earthquakes in Wellington City and Developments in Multi-storied Building Construction in New Zealand 457
R. Diaz de Cossio Foundation Failures During the Coatzacoalcos (Mexico) Earthquake of 26 August 1959 473
J. Krishna, R. S. Mittal, A. R. Chandrasekaran and S.K. Manglik Kapkote Earthquake of Dec 28, 1958 487
C Lomnitz A Study of the Maipo Valley Earthquakes of September 4, 1958 501
J. Despeyroux The Agadir Earthquake of February 29th I960, Behaviour of Modern Buildings During the Earthquake 521
Y. Sakabe On the Damage of Fukui Earthquake and the Destructive Power of Earthquake of Such a Kind 543
D. Tocher Movement on Faults 551
R. Vignola and E. Arze Behavior of a Steel Plant under Major Earthquakes 565
H. Kawasumi Session Summary 581

Special Reports on the Recent Earthquake Damage

Author Title Page No
J. Despeyroux The. Agadir Earthquake of February 29th 1960, Behaviour of Modern Buildings During the Earthquake 589
H. K. Afshar Report on the Lar Earthquake of 24th April 1960 591
R. Flores Engineering Aspects of Chilean Earthquakes of May 21 and 22, 1960 609
K. V. Steinbrugge and R. W Clough Chilean Earthquakes of May, 1960: A Brief Trip Report 629
R. Takahashi Report on the Chilean Tsunami of 1960 639

Volume II

Analysis of Structural Response and Instruments (Session II)

Author Title Page No
Response Analyzer Committee  Non-linear Response Analyzers and Application to Earthquake Resistant Design 649
G. N. By croft  Analogue Computer Techniques in Aseismic Design 669
G. V. Berg and S. S. Thomaides. Energy Consumption by Structures in Strong-Motion Earthquakes 681
R. L. Jennings and N. M. Newmark Elastic Response of Multi-Story Shear Beam Type Structures Subjected to Strong Ground Motion 699
R. I. Skinner, K. M. Adams and K. J. Brown Earthquake Response of Bending Structures Derived from a Mixed Mechanical -Electrical Analogue 719
J. Penzien  Elasto-Plastic Response of Idealized Multi-Story Structures Subjected to a Strong Motion Earthquake 739
E. Shima Some New Instruments Used in Earthquake Engineering in Japan 761
H.Tajimi A Statistical Method of Determining the Maximum Response of a Building Structure During an Earthquake 781
S. Kotsubo Daynamic Water Pressure on Dams During Earthquakes 799
R. W.Clough Effects of Earthquakes on Under-water Structures 815
W. T. Thomson A Survey of the Coupled Ground-Building Vibrations 833
F.Neumann  A Broad Formula for Estimating Earthquake Forces on Oscillators 849
I. Konishi and Y. Yamada Earthquake Responses of a Long Span Suspension Bridge 863
J.I. Bustamante and E. Rosenblueth Building Code Provisions on Torsional Oscillations 879
A. S. Veletsos and N. M. Newmark, Effect of Inelastic Behavior on the Response of Simple Systems to Earthquake Motions 895
K. Kubo Aseismicity of Suspension Bridges Forced to Vibrate Longitudinally 913
A. Hirai, T. Okumura, M. Ito and N. Narita Lateral Stability of a Suspension Bridge Subjected to Foundation-Motion 931
G. Oberti and E. Lauletta Dynamic Tests on Models of Structures 947
M. Takeuchi and K. Nakagawa Vibrational Characteristics of Buildings 961
L. Zeevaert. Base Shear in Tall Buildings During Earthquake July 28, 1957 in Mexico City 983
G.W. Housner The Plastic Failure of Frames During Earthquakes 997
T. Taniguchi Seismic Wall Effect in Framed Structure in Relation to the Period of Tall Buildings 1013
L. S. Jacobsen Damping in Composite Structures 1029
N. Ando Nonlinear Vibrations of Building Structures 1045
J. A. Blume. A Reserve Energy Technique for the Earthquake Design and Rating of Structures in the Inelastic Range 1061
T. Kobori and R. Minai Study on Unstationary Vibration of Building  Structure with Plastic Deformation of Substructure 1085
D. E. Hudson A Comparison of Theoretical and Experimental Determinations of Building Response to Earthquakes 1105
H. Kobayashi. Dynamic Properties of Building Decided by Measurement of Vibration During Earthquake 1121
T. K. Caughey, D.E. Hudson and R. V. Powell The C. I. T. Mark II Response Spectrum Analyzer for Earthquake Engineering Studies 1137
S. Gershanik and G. Dedebant. A Solution of the Basic Differential Equation of Seismic Loads and its Relation with the Expansion on  Series of Eigenfunctions 1149
R. L Skinner, K. M. Adams and K.J. Brown Handbook for Determination of Response of Shear Buildings to an Earthquake 1161
K. M. Adams, R. A. Morris and R. L Skinner An Analogue Computer for the Determination of the Earthquake Response of Buildings in  Bending and Shear Modes 1181
J. A. Blume and R W. Binder Periods of a Modern Multi-Story Office Building During Construction 1195
T. Tajime Theoretical Research on the Transient Vibration of Structures Subjected t o Earthquake 1207
R. Tanabashi Nonlinear Transient Vibration of Structures 1223
K.Muto, H. Umemura and Y.Sonobe Study of the Overturning Vibration of Slender Structures 1239
H. Ishizaki and N.Hatakeyama Experimental and Numerical Studies on Vibrations of Buildings 1263
A. G. Nazarov, B. K. Karapetian and S. A. Shahinian The Method of Direct Determination of Reduced Spectra of Seismic Accelerations 1285
J. A. Blume and J. F. Meehan A Structural-Dynamic Research Program on Actual School Buildings 1297
H. Sandi A Theoretical Investigation of the Interaction between Ground and Structure During Earthquakes 1327
N. N. Ambraseys The Seismic Stability of Earth Dams 1345
V. V. Bolotin Statistical Theory of the Aseismic Design of Structures 1365
A. Z. Kats  Measurements of Dynamic Strains in Grounds and Constructions 1375
S. Hayashi and N. Miyajima Experimental Studies of the Vibration  Characteristics of Quay Walls 1383
S. Okamoto and T. Takahashi. On Behaviors of an Arch Dam During Earthquakes 1401
I. Toriumi, Y. Sato and R. Yamaguchi. Vibrations in Foundation, Structure and in its Vicinity on the Elastic Ground 1413
M. Derleres. Earthquake as Dynamic Phenomenon and Earthquake Resistant Structures 1431
H. Goto and K. Kaneta Analysis with an Application to Aseismic Design of Bridge Piers 1449
M. F. Barstein  Application of Probability Methods for Design the Effect of Seismic Forces on Engineering Structures 1467
M. Ifrim. Dynamic Analysis of Tall Structures Subjected to Earthquake Motion 1483
S. Okamoto and Y. Tsuboi Session Summary 1507

Volume III

Seismicity and Earthquake Ground Motion (Session III)

Author Title Page No
T. Hirono Seismicity of Japan 1511
M. P. White The Meaning of Spectra of Earthquake Records Obtained in or near Structures 1523
E. Gajardo and C Lomnitz Seismic Provinces of Chile 1529
K. Kanai An Empirical Formula for the Spectrum of Strong Earthquake Motion 1541
J. J. Figueroa A. Some Consideration about the Effect of Mexican Earthquakes 1553
N. Nasu. Investigation of the Ground in the Northern Part of the City of Yokkaichi in the. North Ise Industrial District 1563
J. L. Alford Damage Produced by Small Ground Motions 1583
I. Muramatsu and T. Yabashi The Seismic Intensity at a Certain Dam Site 1593
W. K. Cloud and D. S. Carder Ground Motions Generated by Underground Nuclear Explosions 1609
K. C. Chakravortty and D. P. Ghosh Seismological Study of the Crustal Layers in Indian Region From the Data of Near Earthquakes 1633
S. A. Fedotov Seismicity of the South of the Kuril Islands 1643
F. Kishinouye Microseisms and Subsoil Conditions 1649
P. Kumar Geotectonic Movements and Their Influence on the Hydrography of Indo-Gangetic Plains 1655
P. G. Buffinton Earthquake Insurance in the United States—A Reappraisal 1669
H. Kawasumi Session Summary 1687

Earthquake Resistant Design, Construction and Regulations (Session IV)

Author Title Page No
Y. Tsuboi and M. Kawaguchi On Earthquake Resistant Design of Flat Slabs and Concrete Shell Structures 1693
J. E. Rinne. Design Criteria for Shear and Overturning Moment 1709
D. Vergun and D. V. Whitmore Aseismic Design of Two Long-Span Multi-Story Buildings 1725
. A. Bikhovsky, J. I. Goldenblat and J. L, Korchynski Design of Earthquake-Proof Building Structures in the USSR 1743
J. G. Bouwkamp and J. F. Meehan Drift Limitations Imposed by Glass 1763
K. S. Zavriev Guaranteeing Antiseismicity of Buildings on the Basis of Investigations Carried out in the USSR 1779
J. M. Raphael The Effect of Lateral Earthquake on a High Buttress Dam. 1791
J. Krishna Seismic Data for the Design of Structures 1803
T. Naka, M. Wakabayashi and S. Takada Quake Resisting Design of Composite Structures in Japan 1811
A. Zeevaert Construction Practices for Multistory Buildings Subjected to Earthquakes 1827
R. W. Binder and W. T. Wheeler Building Code Provisions for Aseismic Design 1843
J. F. Borges Portuguese Studies on Earthquake Resistant Structures 1877
S.V. Medvedev The Forecast of Seismic Effects on Constructions 1889
H. J. Degenkolb Earthquake Resistant Design of Small Buildings 1901
M. Numata Earthquake-Resistant Design for Civil Engineering Structures, Earth-Structures and Foundations in Japan 1917
T. Otsuki. Design Seismic Forces for Reinforced Concrete Buildings 1947
T. Hatano and H. Tsutsumi Dynamical Compressive Deformation and Failure of Concrete under Earthquake Load 1963
S. Ban and H. Muguruma Behaviour of Plain Concrete under Dynamic Loading with Straining Rate Comparable to Earthquake Loading 1979
S. Menayas Accuracy and Simplification of the Seismic Design 1995
E. Rosenblueth Aseismic Provisions for the Federal District, Mexico 2009
R. Hicks and I. A. B. Gaunt The Seismic Design of a Nuclear Power Station for Japan 2027
M. Hatanaka Study on the Earthquake Resistant Design of Gravity Type Dams 2041
I. Minami A Consideration on Earthquake proof Design Methods of Earth Dam 2061
S. Tani Study on Arrangements of Aseismatic Elements 2075
K. Takeyama, T. Hisada and Y. Ohsaki. Behavior and Design of Wooden Buildings Subjected to Earthquake 2093
A. Brenier French Regulations for Civil Engineering in Regions Broken by Seismism 2113
S. Sachanski. Analysis of the Earthquake Resistance of Frame Buildings Taking into Consideration the Carrying Capacity of the Filling Masonry 2127
R. N. Joshi Striking Behaviour of Structures in Assam Earthquakes 2143
A. A. Beles and M. Ifrim Engineering Aspects of Earthquakes in Rumania in the Light of Modern Investigations 2159
E. Titaru and A. Cismigiu On the Rumanian General Design Specifications for Civil and Industrial Buildings in Seismic Areas; Examples 2177
E. Titaru and A. Cismigiu Aseismic Design of an Oil Refinery in the State of Assam India 2203
N. Korcinski On Aseismic Resistance of Structures Taking into Account the Different Behavior of Materials to Shock Loads 2217
T. Hisada Session Summary 2225