Featured Research Physics

STABLE Superhydrophobic Coating on Steel Surfaces for Corrosion Prevention and Water Drag Reduction

PI: Prof. Krishnacharya



Steel is one of the most commonly used material now a days in every aspect of human life and corrosion is the most important issue associated with it. Corrosion is mainly due to water or moisture coming into contact with steel surfaces. If the water (even moisture) contact with steel surfaces can be controlled and minimized, corrosion could be prevented to a large extent. Interaction of water (and moisture) with steel surfaces could be minimized by decreasing its surface (interfacial) energy using appropriate low surface energy material's coating. Such coatings make steel surfaces superhydrophobic with water contact angle as large as 170°. Therefore the interaction of water (and moisture) with steel surfaces are minimized and the chances of corrosion are significantly reduced.



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