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We understand that you want to gain as much from your time at IIT Kanpur as is possible, both academically and socially. The Counselling Service strives to ensure the welfare of the students by providing them emotional, academic and financial assistance. By looking after your well-being, the Service tries to ensure that IITK is not just an institute, but a home away from home for you. The Service consists of a team of professional counsellors and a dedicated group of student volunteers and faculty advisors working in two primary arms: one concentrates on acclimatizing the freshmen to the new environment, and the other deals with mental health issues of the students.


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Counselling Service is starting a new initiative towards maintaining good mental health called “Samvad.”
In its first program in Samvad, for World Suicide Prevention Day, which falls on 10th September, Counselling Service is organising a panel discussion on this subject, to address related issues.
The panelists are
Prof. Goutam Deo, Professor, Chemical Engineering and Ex-Head, CS
Dr. Alok Bajpai, Psychiatrist
Ms. Rita Shukla, Counsellor, CS
Mr. Adityaa Bajpai, Coordinator, UG team CS
Mr. Aarush Mohit Mittal, Mentor, PG team CS
Ms. Ekta Surender, PhD Student, Design Programme
The panel discussion will be moderated by Ms. Arpita Gupta and Ms. Prama Bhattacharya.
The Details are -
What: A Panel Discussion, “Holding on to the Light”
When: 10th September 2018, 6:30-7:30 PM
Where: L18

When: Every Thursday (4PM-6PM)
Where: Health Centre
With: Dr. Rohan Kumar (Regency Hospital) and Counselors (Counselling Service)

College is a place to enrich both one’s personality and academic capabilities. In the midst of the academic pressure during regular semesters, it is difficult to focus on self-development. Counselling Service presents you with a chance to polish your personality and to boost your confidence with a series of Personality Enrichment Sessions.
Session 4 : Presentation Skills
Venue : L8
Date/Day : 23rd June, 2018 / Saturday
Time : 6:30 PM

Update: We are overwhelmed by the enthusiastic response. The results will be out soon! :-)
1. The competition is open to all residents of IITK.
2. We will be using the best submissions to make posters to be put at different places around the campus, under the name of Counselling Service, with credits to the designer.
3. The poster should aim at sensitizing the community about mental health issues, removing the stigma surrounding counselling, to encourage asking for help and ALL other related issues.
4. The posters would be judged on having original and INNOVATIVE content, relatability of the content to the targeted audience, the impact they create and their presentation.
5. The size of the poster is NOT fixed. The size, therefore, can vary from A8 to A1. Content matters more.
Prizes : E-Shop coupons worth Rs. 2000
Contest Deadline : 28th June, 2018
Please submit your posters here - https://goo.gl/forms/VxXOtqhKHFqcG2Il2

Will Hunting, a janitor at M.I.T., has a gift for mathematics, but needs help from a psychologist to find direction in his life.
IMDB Rating : 8.3/10
Movie 2 : Good Will Hunting
Venue : OAT
Date/Day : 10th June, 2018 / Sunday
Time : 9:00 PM
The IMDB link to the movie review - https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0119217/

MTH102 - 11th June, 2018
PHY102 - 13th June, 2018
MSO203 - 15th June, 2018

To aid the students with the preparation for the upcoming internship season, Counselling Service organized Department-wise Intern-Gyan Sessions.
As the name suggests, seniors from respective departments gave some information and tips on how to approach the internship procedure for all profiles including core, non-core, research and off-campus internship opportunities.

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