Scientific Glassware Fabrication
Special Water Facility (SGF & SWF)

Old Name: Central Glass Blowing Section
Special Water Facility (CGBS & SWF

Southern Lab 112-(A,B)


Equipments and Facilities

Welcome to SGF & SWF

The SGF & SWF shop provides support to the faculty and researchers. The shop's primary mission is to design and fabricate prototypes of specially laboratory equipment as well as repair existing types of glass apparatus and equipments. Types of glass routinely used include borosilicate (Pyrex), fused quartz, alumina, silicate and some soft glass as well as heavy metal glasses such as silica glass. This section takes up challenging job from other institutions as well. Furthermore, this section provides training to interested glass blowers across the country.

Centralized Special Water Facility:

  • Water Distillation plant: 100 Liters/day

  • Water Reverse Osmosis (RO) & Deionization (DI) plant: 100 Liters/hour

Special equipment produced by Glass Shop:

  • Liquid Nitrogen / Liquid Helium Dewar with silver coating for low temperature crystallization studies.
  • Double and Triple stage oil diffusion pumps.
  • Glass seal to metals like Kover, Tungsten & Platinum.
  • A high vacuum pumping station is available for evacuation of cells, and samples.
  • Soxhlet apparatus, CO2 Laser, Spherical Dewar, Drying pistol.
  • Pyridine sprayer, Platinum and silver probes for conductivity - Measurement, sublimation apparatus with nitrogen purification, quartz EPR cell.
  • Schematic of Laboratory Preparation Unit.
  • Electrochemical cell.
  • Low temperature (–40°C).
  • Quartz UV-VIS cell.

  • Large and small lathes
  • Various types of bench burners and torches
  • Equipment for drilling, cutting, and grinding the glass.
  • A 3feet long regular glass furnace for annealing.
  • Tube Sealing Unit
  • Distilled water unit
  • Deionized and reverse osmosis.

Consumables available in the section

  • This shop is well stocked with borosilicate tubing, tungsten wire etc.