Alumni Impact

Alumni have consistently given back to the institute and this has enabled the institute to undertake projects and initiatives that would otherwise have not been possible. From helping a student present a paper abroad to large infrastructure projects the contributions from alumni have made a telling difference.


Pic: Alumni Association

Annual Gift Programme

The funds collected under this head are utilized to support area of greatest need. It is also used to provide travel support and Cash awards to the students. 175 students have been provided travel support amounting to 94.88 lakh for attending conferences abroad and 171 students have been provided cash prize amounting to Rs 22.4 lakh for publication of their research papers in reputed ISI Web Journals for attending International Conferences during 2013-14


Pic: Alumni Association

Support to academic departments and Inter disciplinary programs

Considering the increasing expenses on academic activities at department level and less support from the government fund, Institute has created 'Departmental Excellence Fund' in each academic department and Inter Disciplinary Program (IDP). These funds are utilized for various academic activities of the department



Distinguished Lecture Series

It is an academic activity that is created and organized by IIT Kanpur with the generous support and cooperation in the form of donation from our alumni members & other well wishers. An endowment fund is created with the donated amount and all the expenditure incurred for organizing the lecture series is reimbursed from the interest accrued out of this endowment fund. Under the lecture series, the respective department organizes one or two lectures every year by inviting distinguished personnel in the concerned area.


Pic: Bharat Lal

Students' activities & development

Alumni Fund is used to support to Students Gymkhana activities, initiatives undertaken under the Science & Technology Council, Student Emergency Fund, Student benevolent fund, creation of fund towards U.P. Shooting Championship Establishment & maintenance of Tinkering Lab, instituting more than 100 scholarships and awards.


Pic: Bharat Lal

Summer Undergraduate Research Grant for Excellence (SURGE) program

undergraduate students from IITK and other participating institutions undertake short duration, but focused research projects and push their intellectual abilities beyond those driven by the classroom. The duration of the programme is 8 weeks. Students working at IITK receive a stipend. This program is supported by alumni funds.



Academic Excellence & Faculty Development

Alumni funds have been utilized towards Faculty Recruitment. We have various Faculty Chairs and Young Faculty Research Fellowships which are awarded to faculty members at IIT Kanpur who enjoys reputation of excellence in his/her area of expertise. It is recognition of his/her achievement and also aims to facilitate his/her research.


Pic: Alumni Association

Community Outreach Activities

While IIT Kanpur focuses on excellence in teaching and research, it is important for us to be aware of the needs of the community lying in the immediate vicinity and make a meaningful contribution towards them. In fact, a number of groups on campus. have been active in addressing some of their problems. Their activities have been supported in part by campus residents, alumni and the Institute. The contributions from the alumni are routed through the Endowment Fund of the Institute, which is handled by the DORA office. Some of such projects are quoted below:

  • Opportunity College Project for vocational training to students

  • Contract Workers Welfare & Relief Fund

  • Kislaya School

  • Campus School Development Initiatives

  • Development of Opportunity School

  • Development of Campus School

  • School Health Awareness Programme

  • Swami Vivekananda Vidyalaya

  • Center for Organic Farming

  • Development of transport medium for milk vendors

  • English Teaching at a basic level

  • Diverse Grass derived products for women empowerment

  • Creation of Video Resources for developing aptitudes in Mathematics

  • Community Library at Shiksha sopan

  • Use of android application for value addition to education of  students of class 6th  to 8th

  • A machine learning approach to automated grading



Pic: Bharat Lal

Infrastructural augmentation

The squash court and Yoga & Aerobics hall at the New Activity Center and Outreach Hall & PBCEC Hall have been constructed with the help of Alumni Fund. Park 67 which occupies the centermost part of IIT Kanpur campus is also a gift by the alumni. Alumni money has also been used towards construction of BSBE building, Environmental Engineering building, Computer Science buildings, IME building etc. The Faculty lounge which now houses the Café Coffee Day was also built with Alumni Fund.

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