Recreational Facilities



Pic: Adventures Club

Adventures Club

Adventure sports club at IIT Kanpur is the forum for adventure enthusiasts,trekkers,and climbers in the student community.The members of this club work to develop the spirit of adventure among the IITians.Activities organised are Trekking,Mountain biking and wall climbing.



Pic: Films and Media Council, IIT Kanpur

Shooting Club

This is a skill based sport,where consistency,accuracy and concentration are the key features. There are three categories in shooting sports.



Pic: Bharat Lal

Joggers Club

The objective of this club is to make people go out of their rooms and pursue daily fitness regime.The members of this club believe that "Everyday is a good day when you run".The club organises regular jogging sessions and cycle trips to nearby places.



Pic: Astronomy Club

Astronomy Club

The curiosity of the students and the campus kids regarding the universe are taken care by this club. The main aim of the club is to promote amateur astronomy and popularise it in the institute. Frequent lectures and talks by students,faculty and other renowned institutions like IUCAA, IIA etc.are organised by the members for the campus community.



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