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CDIS - The Center for Developing Intelligent Systems - is an R&D Center within IIT Kanpur dedicated to rapid development and prototyping of intelligent software systems, geared towards solving problems arising within the Indian ecosystem.

CDIS operates as a unique hybrid of an academic center with a central translational focus. We focus on filling the gap between conceptualization and deployment of intelligent systems — by hosting equipment and experts that can rapidly convert cutting-edge concepts into working prototypes for clients of the center, both from within and outside IITK.

  • Development: We execute a solution (or prototype) development pipeline.
  • Research: We mentor & collaborate with students, researchers, and engineers to solve real-world problems.
  • Teaching: We train IITK students, researchers, engineers in DevOps with an AI/ML focus.
  • Consulting: We consult clients on resource constraints, data privacy, modeling, budgets & timelines.



Coordinator, Nitin Saxena

Workshop Foreman, Nisheeth Srivastava

Senior Engineer, Harikrishna P

Senior Engineer, Manish Kumar

Engineer, Shubhendu Sarvagya

Engineer, Bharat Mishra

Engineer, Jayant Malik

Trainee, Tanmay Khatri



Students of associated faculty working for CDIS


What is the nature of the work? Is it simple web development or something else?
Check out our projects to know more about the nature of the work. We give you the opportunity to do something new every time.

Is it contractual work?
It is a contractual job with attractive benefits. The contract is for a year, but it’s renewable.

Is the work opportunity on-site or remote?
There’s no remote option, but CDIS helps you find accommodation.

Can we get an estimate of compensation provided?
A compensation between 6 to 30 LPA is provided depending on the interview performance and the value a candidate adds.

How do I schedule an interview after applying?
We reach out and give enough slots to the candidates so that they can attend the interview in person.


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Mar 9, 2024

Forecasting and modeling for urban sustainability

Ministry of Education, Government of India, received 55 proposals for establishing Centers of Excellence (CoEs) in Artificial Intelligence (AI), covering sectors of Agriculture (16), Health (24) and Sustainable Cities (15). In Phase-1, 11 cohorts have been selected to advance to the Proof-of-Concept stage, including 4 in Health, 5 in Sustainable Cities, and 2 in Agriculture. Ministry of Education approved establishment of 3 CoEs in Al, in the area of Agriculture, Health, and Sustainable cities with a total financial outlay of Rs. Read more
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Office Address: Labs 601 & 602, Engineering Science Building 2, IIT Kanpur