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CDIS - The Center for Developing Intelligent Systems - is an R&D Center within IIT Kanpur dedicated to rapid development and prototyping of intelligent software systems, geared towards solving problems arising within the Indian ecosystem.

CDIS operates as a unique hybrid of an academic center with a central translational focus. We focus on filling the gap between conceptualization and deployment of intelligent systems — by hosting equipment and experts that can rapidly convert cutting-edge concepts into working prototypes for clients of the center, both from within and outside IITK.

  • Development: We execute a solution (or prototype) development pipeline.
  • Research: We mentor & collaborate with students, researchers, and engineers to solve real-world problems.
  • Teaching: We train IITK students, researchers, engineers in DevOps with an AI/ML focus.
  • Consulting: We consult clients on resource constraints, data privacy, modeling, budgets & timelines.



Coordinator, Nitin Saxena

Workshop Foreman, Nisheeth Srivastava

Senior Engineer, Harikrishna P

Engineer, Shubhendu Sarvagya

Engineer, Bharat Mishra



Students of associated faculty working for CDIS


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Apr 6, 2023

CDIS at Y20

At Y20, CDIS displayed its projects, including the award-winning Public Grievances project. The Y20 Consultation was organized under the G20 Presidency of India and hosted at IIT Kanpur. Inaugurated by Kanpur Divisional Commissioner Dr. Raj Shekhar, this Consultation was attended by over 1500 youth delegates from across India and abroad. IIT Kanpur held a grand exhibition with more than 50 stalls displaying diverse technologies and innovations that can make an impact even at the grass roots level. Read more
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