Prof. M. L. Vaidya
(1933 - 2021)

Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur


Prof. M.L. Vaidya was a founding and long-serving faculty member of the Department of Metallurgical Engineering, IIT Kanpur. He received a B.E. in 1956 from the College of Engineering, Pune. He joined IIT Kanpur on 13th March 1962. A year later, on 17th March 1963, he was inducted as the very first faculty member of the nascent Department of Metallurgical Engineering. He received an MTech in 1968 and PhD in 1972 from IIT Kanpur. His doctoral research was carried out at the University of California, Berkeley, in 1970-1971, under the aegis of the Kanpur Indo-American Program.

The subjects he taught included mechanical metallurgy and failure analysis of metallic components. He guided several MTech and PhD students. Students appreciated his well-prepared lectures, reassuring personality, patience, and approachability.

The publication areas of Prof. Vaidya included high temperature deformation mechanisms in superplastic alloys, transformation plasticity in alloys, creep behavior in particulate composites, alloy design, sintering, and weldability.

He served as the Head of the Department from 1987 to 1990, and the Chairman of GATE in the mid-1980s. He was considerably involved in institution building and served in several capacities, including Warden of Halls 1 and 3.

Prof. Vaidya superannuated from IIT Kanpur in October 1994 after 32 years of service. In retirement, he continued teaching as a guest lecturer at the College of Engineering, Pune.

Prof. Vaidya passed away on January 24, 2021. He is survived by his wife, son, and daughter.



  • Animesh Gupta (wrote on 11th Dec 2021)

    Dear Nitin,
    It was an honour to interact with your father, Prof Vaidya at a industry meeting interface in his office at IITK. Although we have studied in the school KVIITK, together I did not recalled and disclose my connection with his son, Nitin.
    I was amazed with his composed personality during interaction. Can say he was a noble soul.
    Later after his retirement my office used to procure Liquid Nitrogen from IITK for shrink fittings of bearings in our engine assembly line @LML Kanpur, I tried to visit him too, when was told he has superannuated and shifted to Pune.
    My best regards to you and wish for peace of the noble soul.

    Animesh Gupta


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