Featured Research Material Science Engineering

Integration of in-situ Electron Backscatter Diffraction and crystal plasticity Simulations to decipher tension-compression asymmetry in Titanium and Ti6A14V
PI: Prof. N.P. Gurao
Co-PI: Prof. Sandeep Sangal

Seeing is believing: In-situ studies 

Structural components are likely to be subjected to loading reversal in service that can lead to failure. This is particularly important for hexagonal close packed materials wherein polar deformation mechanisms like extension and/or contraction twinning are operative along with basal, prismatic and pyramidal slip. Direct observation of the micro-mechanisms of deformation elucidating the effect of load reversal on twinning are yet to be explored. We plan to integrate in-situ straining and electron backscatter diffraction studies with crystal plasticity simulations to study the effect of load reversal on micro-mechanisms in aerospace grade titanium and Ti6Al4V alloy.



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