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Gas Turbine Engine Combustion Characterization by Using Fixed Laser Energy Source

Prof : D.P. Mishra



Ignition of fuel-air mixture in a gas turbine engine is quite important and critical for better performance of engine; particularly, in high altitude aerospace applications. Generally, spark plug/glow plugs are being used which have several shortcomings. It has been reported in recent times that laser ignition produces more stable combustion with less fuel into the chamber, which can enhance its efficiency. Besides this, multiple ignition points can be created easily by laser ignition system which can have better chances of ignition even lean fuel mixture. The main aim of the project is to carry out laser ignition inside an enclosed combustor using jet A1 fuel which would be the first such attempt in India. The lab has already carried out laser ignition in open jet diffusion flame. A pulsed Nd-YAG and an in house developed optical system will be used to control the ignition location and ignition energy. It is envisaged to optimize the laser intensity requirement and ignition location with respect to the spray flow field.


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