Featured Research Electrical Engineering

PI: Prof. Nandini Gupta

Experimental Characterization and Numerical Modeling of Charge Transport in Synthetic Polymers Used for Electrical Insulation under Low and High Applied Voltages

Pulsed Electro-Acoustic Technique for space charge measurement in polymers

Injection and accumulation  of  space  charge  into  the  volume  of   high voltage polymeric dielectrics  plays  a  significant  role  in  driving   aging  mechanisms. Space charge  measurement  is  a relatively new and developing technique, and holds promise as a means to determining  the  lifetime  of  the  insulation  in  service.  The current project aims at characterization  of  space  charge  accumulation  and  dynamics  in polymeric  dielectric  materials  commonly  used  in  high  voltage insulation.  To this end, Pulsed Electro-acoustic (PEA) measurement techniques, Electroluminescence measurements, and conduction current measurements will be used in conjunction.  Additionally, theoretical studies will be undertaken to devise a methodology for prediction of ageing and breakdown in insulating materials, in terms of space charge dynamics. 

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