Featured Research Chemical Engineering

Effect of Iron in Supported & Unsupported Nickel-Iron & Cobalt-Iron Bimetallic Catalysts

PI: Prof. Goutam Deo

Optimizing catalyst composition using statistical methodologies

Supported nickel and cobalt systems are important catalysts used for several industrial processes. Promotion of these catalysts will give rise to more efficient reactions. One such promoter is iron. Development of structure-reactivity relationships for showing the effect of iron addition to supported nickel and cobalt catalysts will involve the synthesis of several supported and unsupported nickel and cobalt catalysts with and without iron. These catalysts will be characterized under ambient, in situ and reaction conditions. The CO2 hydrogenation reaction will be considered as a probe for studying the reactivity of the supported and supported catalysts in the presence and absence of iron. Information obtained from the characterization and reactivity studies will enable development of appropriate structure-reactivity relationships. Optimum composition (Ni:Fe/Co:Fe ratios and total metal loading) of some catalysts will also be determined.


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