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Deployment and Management of Brithaspati-3 Services over NKN for Indian Academia

PI: Prof. Y.N. Singh


Brihaspati 3

We have been using and developing Brihaspati Learning Management System for more than a decade at IIT Kanpur. In the NMEICT (National Mission on Education through Information and Communication Technology) of MHRD, it was envisaged to convert it to a service, where any institute need not make an installation. Instead it can use a national service. NMEICT had funded the development of such a service which is running over ERNET connectivity provided to IIT Kanpur. Meanwhile NKN was started by DeitY (Department of Electronics and Information Technology). NKN has provided network connectivity to large number of institutes and universities. In order to increase the utility of NKN, DeitY invited us to provide Brihaspati-3 and all other services developed under ERP mission project of NMEICT on the virtual servers provisioned in Data Center of NKN. In this project, we are supposed to deploy and manage the services for the academic institutes in India. We are now in process of getting the VM (virtual machines) on which all the Brihaspati3 services will be migrated very soon.



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