Lasers in Chemistry and Biology




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Course Contents

Fundamentals of lasers (4)General concepts of laser spectroscopy (3)

Laser-induced fluorescence and multiphoton ionization processes of molecules, probing IVR and dynamics of chemical reactions in liquid and molecular beam (4)

Spectroscopy of single molecule, confocal microscopy and fluorescence correlation spectroscopy (5)

Probing of proton/electron dynamics, anisotropy (4)

Optical trapping and manipulation of biological macromolecules, applications of diagnostics and biotechnology (4)

Pulsed laser and ultrafast spectroscopy (10)

Non-linear spectroscopy (6) 



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  • A Guide To Lasers In Chemistry, Van, H. and GERALD, R. J. Bartlett Pub., Boston, 1998

  • Nonlinear Laser Chemistry, Letokhov, V. S., Springer-Verlag, 1983

  • Lasers, Milonni, P. W. and Eberly, J. H., John Wiley & Sons, 1988.




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