Principles Of Physical Chemistry


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Atomic and Molecular structure, Molecular Spectroscopy, Concepts of Statistical Thermodynamics, Electrochemistry, Chemical Kinetics, Photochemistry.

Atomic and Molecular Structure: Review of quantum mechanics, approximate methods in quantum chemistry and many electron atoms. Molecular orbital description, application of the variation theorem to calculate Mos, Valence bond description , sigma orbitals and pi orbitals, ionic bonds, dipole moment, resonance, delocalization, aromatic molecules and solids. (10)

Molecular spectroscopy: Rotational and vibrational spectra, P, Q and R branches, Raman spectra. Electronic spectra,fluorescence and phosphorescence, principle of laser action.(6)

Concepts of Statistical Thermodynamics: Molecular energy levels and Boltzmann distribution, partition function and calculation of thermodynamic quantities. Einstein and Debye models for solids, chemical equilibrium constant. (10)

Electrochemistry: Ionic equilibrium, activity and activity coefficients, Debye-Huckel theory, EMF of chemical cells, Nernst equation, concentration cells, applications, potentiometric titrations, solubility product, pH and pK. (4)

Chemical Kinetics: Rates of chemical reactions, steady state approximation, temperature dependence, activation energy, molecular reaction dynamics, collision and activated complex theory, theories of unimolecular reactions. Techniques of fast reactions and their applications .(8)

Photochemistry: Laws of photochemistry, quantum yield, radiative and non-radiative processes, photosensitized reactions, some applications of photochemical reactions. (4)



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