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CHM201N for M.Sc. Int. students
CHM102 for BS/MS students(newARC)

Course Contents

BenzilBenzilic Acid Rearrangement

(a) Prep. of benzil by oxidation of benzoin by nitric acid
(b) Benzil, an ®  , ¯     - diketone undergoes rearrangement to benzilic acid.

Fisher: Indole Synthesis: Preparation of – tetrahydrocarbazole.  This compound is prepared according to the Fisher indole synthesis starting from phenylhydrazine and cyclohexanone.

Diazotization: Forming a diazonium salt from an appropriate primary aromatic amine in the presence of HNO2.

Preparationof P-Iodonitrobenzene: p-Nitroaniline is diazotized and treated with KI

PHOTOCHEMICALREACTIONS: By Irradiation with Sunlight OR By Reductive Coupling

Prep. of Benzopinacol from benzophenone by reductive coupling


Pinacol – Pinacolone – rearrangement

(a) Prep. of benzopinacol
(b) Prep. of benzopinacolone


Prep. of  β-hydroxynapthaldehyde from β-napthal


Preparation of Cinnamic acid
Bromination cinnamic acid i.e. Prep. of bromostryrene


(a) Preparation of Chalcone
(b) Preparation of Chalcone epoxide



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  1. Fundamentals of Biochemistry by Voet, Voet and Pratt,
  2. Biochemistry by L. Stryer,
  3. Proteins by T.E. Creighton,
  4. Genes VII by B. Lewin,
  5. Introduction to protein structure by Branden and Tooze,
  6. Enzyme structure and Mechanism by Alan Fersht.



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