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Testing and Trajectory Analysis of DFDR (Deployable Flight Data Recorder Unit)

PI : Prof T.K. Sengupta


Model tested in National Wind Tunnel Facility IITKanpur

The biological importance of nitric oxide (NO) is well established. It plays key roles as a signaling molecule in a number of mammalian physiological and pathophysiological processes. The reactions of nitric oxide with transition metals are of great chemical interest and also key in understanding diverse biological processes.

The overlapping areas to be investigated in this project are:

  • Design, synthesis, characterization of metal nitrosyls as potential NO donors.

  • Interactions of metal-nitrosyls with potential biological targets viz. nucleotides, nucleic acids, proteins and fate inside cellular environment.

  • Cytotoxicity and mechanism of actions will be studied to elucidate their efficiency as potential therapeutic agents.


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