Sri Vanamalla V

PhD (IISc Bangalore)

Associate Professor, Department of Management Sciences

Research Interest



  • PhD, Department of Management Studies, IISc Bangalore (2010)
  • MPhil Mathematics, University of Madras (1999)
  • MSc Mathematics, IIT Madras (1995)



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  • Awarded Prof M.N.Gopalan award for best PhD thesis on OR at Operational Research Society of India (ORSI)-2010.



  • Design of Contracts and Mechanisms for Agri-business Supply Chains with some generalizations, Ranjeet Singh Rajput, 2022

  • A study of supply chain contracts under asymmetric information, Dereje Asfaw, 2017


  • IME602: Probability and Statistics

  • IME605: Operations Research for Management

  • MBA651: Quantitative methods for decision making

  • IME636: Introduction to game theory

  • IME642: Operations Management

  • IME637: Advanced decision models



Department of Management Sciences
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