At IIT Kanpur's academia-industry meet Samvardhan, deliberations on career and collaboration opportunities took place


  • Many big companies including Schlumberger (SLB), Applied Materials, Eightfold.Ai, Axtria, Trellix, FinMapp, IDFC First Bank, and Airbus, took part

  • Various talks, workshops, and panel discussions were held for students to gain insights regarding career choices

Kanpur, April 17, 2023: The Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Kanpur campus resonated with the zeal and enthusiasm of potential recruiters and students as the first annual academia-industry meet, Samvardhan, took place. Prof. S. Ganesh, Deputy Director IIT Kanpur, Prof. Raju Kumar Gupta, Chairman, Students’ Placement Office (SPO), and Prof. Sudhanshu Shekhar Singh, Vice Chairman SPO, inaugurated the event.

Prof. S. Ganesh welcomed the companies for mutually benefitting collaboration with IIT Kanpur in research and development areas, and student engagement. Prof. Raju Kumar Gupta welcomed company delegates, students and highlighted various student engagement programs at IIT Kanpur. Prof. Sudhanshu Shekhar Singh extended sincere gratitude to all the participating companies, students, and faculty members.

More than 15 companies from various industries, including technology, finance, analytics, and more, took part in this event. Companies such as Schlumberger (SLB), Applied Materials, Eightfold.Ai, Axtria, Trellix, FinMapp, IDFC First Bank, and Airbus were some of the top companies who shared business presentations to attendees and connected with students for career opportunities.

With over a thousand students in attendance, Samvardhan offered an array of activities to help students navigate their career paths. The keynote speeches delivered by industry leaders helped students gain varied insights, while the interactive workshops, case studies and panel discussions provided practical guidance and hands-on experience to students. The participants were able to take Virtual Industry Tours, which showcased facilities, products and services of companies and provided insights into their operations and culture. On the other hand, the Virtual Tech Demonstrations offered virtual demonstrations of their products and technology to students.

Two separate sessions on higher studies and hiring trends prepared students for their career paths ahead. The workshops and seminars were designed to give students hands-on training on key areas of Resume Writing, Interview Skills, Networking Skills, Career Development, and Industry Trends. Apart from that, a hackathon and coding competition were also hosted, attracting enthusiastic participation from students across various departments.

The event provided students with glimpses of opportunities to navigate their career paths. Samvardhan 2023 was not just an opportunity for students to connect with potential employers but also to network with peers from other organisations. It provided a platform for students to exchange ideas, learn from each other's experiences, and build their professional networks. The designated stalls for the companies were corners of discussion among the participants.

The inaugural edition of the academia-industry meet proved to be great success, providing students with an excellent opportunity to explore various career paths and connect with industry experts. The event adds up to IIT Kanpur’s relentless efforts in bringing the industry closer for R&D collaborations as well as for diversifying career options for students.

About IIT Kanpur:

Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Kanpur was established on 2nd November 1959 by an Act of Parliament. The institute has a sprawling campus spread over 1055 acres with large pool of academic and research resources spanning across 19 departments, 22 centres, and 3 Interdisciplinary programs in engineering, science, design, humanities, and management disciplines with 540 full-time faculty members and approximately 9000 students. In addition to formal undergraduate and postgraduate courses, the institute has been active in research and development in areas of value to both industry and government.

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