Prof. Girja Kant Shukla
(1940 - 2022)

Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur


Professor Girja Kant Shukla was born on October 05, 1940 in Lakhimpur, UP. He passed away on May 03, 2022 at his residence in Lucknow after a prolonged battle with prostate cancer. He is survived by his wife and a daughter.

G K Shukla was a distinguished Applied Statistician who made significant contributions in various branches of Applied Statistics. He received his MSc degree from the Lucknow University in 1961. Thereafter he worked for some time at the Jute Agricultural Research Institute Barrackpore, from where he moved to Scotland to earn his PhD degree from the University of Edinburgh. He worked under the guidance of the famous statistician D J Finney (CBE, FRS, FRSE). He joined IIT Kanpur in July 1977 as an Assistant Professor and superannuated from the Institute in October 2002 as a Professor.

G K Shukla played a key role in popularizing various Statistics programs offered at IIT Kanpur. He was a genuine researcher with a refined statistical mind. His lectures in courses were quite rigorous with a strong applied component, and that made him one of the unique teachers. Due to these characteristics and his simplicity, he was very much loved and respected by his students and colleagues.

Prof. Shukla has been recognised for his work by receiving many accolades. He has been an Editor of the Biometric Bulletin, published by the International Biometric Society, and was also the Secretary and Council Member of the International Biometric Society (India Region). He was also part of the team that developed UG and PG curriculum of Statistics for UGC.

The Department of Mathematics & Statistics, IIT Kanpur, mourns the death of a valued member of its family. Prof. Shukla will be greatly missed.



  • Gaurang Mishra (wrote on 09 May, 2022)

    knew Prof GK Shukla since early 80s, Studied Maths from him while i was in school later studied few courses in MSc Statistics. he was always help full. Also got chance to work for Biometric Bulletin when he was Editor. he will always live in our memories. RIP

  • Mohan K Kadalbajoo (wrote on 09 May, 2022)

    Sad to learn about the passing away of Prof. G K Shukla. My heartfelt condolences to the bereaved family. May the departed soul rest in peace.

  • Bansi Lal (wrote on 07 May, 2022)

    Heartfelt condolences. May God bestow the best on the departed soul and grant tons of courage to the family and friends who lost their loved ones. Feeling nostalgic about my interaction with Prof. Shukla.

  • G P Kapoor (wrote on 07 May, 2022)

    Very sad to know the passing away of our dear friend Dr G K Shukla. He was so humble and adventure loving. May God give strength to his family and friends to bear this loss. Om Shanti.

  • Neeraj Misra (wrote on 07 May, 2022)

    I had the privilege of doing four courses under Prof. Shukla and these courses laid the foundation of the Statistics subject. Today, while he is not around, I wonder what I would have missed had he not taught me the fundamentals of the subject so well. It is impossible to quantify his contributions in shaping my career. He was an extraordinary teacher providing rare blend of rigor and applications in his courses. In addition he was an extreme humble and simple person. My condolences to the grieved family and friends. It is a great personal loss for me.


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