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Planar High Gain Antennas Based on Electromagnetic Band Gap Concept

PI: Prof. Animesh Biswas


This is an Indo-Australian joint partnership project. The main aim of this project is to develop a novel, versatile class of low-profile (thin) high-gain antennas with steerable antenna beams, for current and emerging microwave (MW) and millimeter-wave (MMW) wireless communication systems. Innovative antennas with high performance will be designed, prototyped and tested to enhance the quality of wireless services in rural areas, homes, hospitals, schools, offices and other work places. These antennas will have thin flat shapes and can be attached to any flat surface such as an outdoor or indoor wall, ceiling or cabinet. Due to reduced losses of the antennas and enhanced radiation characteristics, wireless systems based on these antennas will consume significantly less electricity. They will also dramatically reduce the level of radio-frequency exposure to non-users in the wireless environment.


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