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Numerical and Experimental Studies of Annular Trapped Vortex Combustor
PI: D. P. Mishra


The main objective of this project proposal is to design and develop an annular trapped vortex combustor and its performance characteristics. This advanced combustor concept is expected to be adopted by the next generation gas turbine engines as it is having the potential of better flame stability, higher combustion efficiency and low emission level over a wide range of operating conditions as compared to the existing swirl stabilized combustors. In this project, an annular trapped vortex combustor along with the test rig has to be designed and developed. The performance characteristics of the trapped vortex combustor in terms of combustion efficiency, pattern factor, lean blow-out limit and emission level will be investigated while using CNG as fuel. In this regard, a detailed investigation of the effects of   momentum flux ratio on cavity flow structure, fuel-air mixing, and flame structure is to be carried out experimentally. Besides this, the limited cases will be simulated using CFD tools which may help us to understand the intricate flow and flame structures which may not be captured well by experimental work.  It is also proposed to investigate the effect of mainstream premixing on exit temperature distribution and emission level.



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