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Metal Catalyzed Decarbonylative Coupling Reactions and their Applications to Organic Synthesis

PI: Prof.M.L.N.Rao 


In recent years, metal-catalyzed coupling reactions demonstrated tremendous potential in organic synthetic applications both in laboratory and industrial scale preparations. This coupling strategy evolved as an indispensable synthetic tool and thus easily adopted even in multi-step (target oriented) synthetic approaches in addition to applications in Active Pharma Ingredients (APIs).  However, there lies an ample scope for the development of newer approaches employing different reaction partners in place of the well utilized organometallic reagents. This is expected to provide a new platform of hitherto unexplored opportunities in organic synthesis with broader scope and reactivity. In this context, the specific goals of the project are:

  1. Utilization of carbonyl functionality such as aldehydes as coupling partners in coupling reactions under metal catalyzed conditions.
  2. Development of new reactions and protocols to broaden the scope of these reactions.
  3. Further exploration of inter- and intra-molecular variations with applications in the synthesis of molecular entities of medicinal and material importance.


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