Hand Held GS5 Bag Kit

Leica GS5 system for connection to PDA with GPS/GIS mapping software. Gives accurate GPS position to around 3-4 metres without DGPS input.

Includes antenna, backpack, power module, 2 batteries, 2 chargers (12v/240v), pole and cabling.

Requires PDA with serial cable.

Easy to deploy and set up in the field. All you need to do is turn it on, connect to your GIS mapping device and start gathering data. You can use either a PDA, or a laptop or tablet computer. Data connection is switchable, to suit the device.

The batteries are carried in the backpack. The chargers are supplied with both 240v and 12v car cigar lighter input. Antenna unit is sealed in a UV-stable plastic radome, is 89 mm high and 139 mm in diameter, and weighs just 390 grams.

Data outputs in the industry-standard NMEA-0183 Version 2.01 format, including GGA, GSA and GSV sentences, with an update rate of once per second.


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