ERL Data Acquisition System

  • High speed combustion data acquisition system for recording pressure-crank angle signals from the engine combustion chamber.


Research Areas

  • To acquire in-cylinder pressure data, engine tuning, combustion analysis and troubleshooting.



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  • Hardware for this data acquisition system consists of National Instrument BNC 2090 adapter, National Instrument MIO16E1 data acquisition card and a computer.

  • The function of BNC 2090 adapter is to simplify the connection of analog signals and digital signals to the DAQ board. BNC 2090 can be configured to use eight differential or 16 single ended analog input channels available.

  • The program for data acquisition was developed using National Instruments LabVIEW 8.6 software. In this DAQ system, TDC signal was used to trigger the data acquisition system. Crank angle signals from the shaft encoder were used by the program to operate in external clock mode.

Dr Avinash K Agarwal,

Department of Mechanical Engineering
Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur
Kanpur-208016 India

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Engine Research Laboratory
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  • Engine Research Laboratory, IIT Kanpur

  • Avinash Kumar Agarwal

  •  Prof. Avinash Kumar Agarwal

  • ERL DAQ, Combustion analyzer, Data logger, High speed data logger.

  • In this data acquisition system, programming was done in LabVIEW to acquire pressure data and then post-processing was done. Thus one can change or modify the program according to the desired output parameters.



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