Dootika Vats

( PhD: University of Minnesota)

Assistant Professor, Department of Mathematics & Statistics

Research Interest




  • Feb 2017 PhD, Statistics,The University of Minnesota, Twin-Cities, MN.
  • Nov 2016 MS, Statistics,The University of Minnesota, Twin-Cities, MN.
  • May 2012 MS, Statistics,Rutgers University, New Brunswick, NJ.
  • May 2010 BA(honors), Mathematics,University of Delhi, Lady Shri Ram College, India.



  • Vats, D., Robertson, N., Flegal, J.M., Jones, G.L., Analyzing MCMC Output, WIREs Computational Statistics, to appear.

  • Vats, D., Flegal, J.M., Jones, G.L., Multivariate Output Analysis for Markov Chain Monte Carlo, Biometrika, 106:321-337.

  • Vats, D., Flegal, J.M., Jones, G.L., (2018) Strong Consistency of Multivariate Spectral Variance Estimators in Markov Chain Monte Carlo, Bernoulli, 24:1860-1909.

  • Vats, D., (2017) Geometric Ergodicity of Gibbs Samplers in Bayesian Penalized Regression Models, Electronic Journal of Statistics, 11:4033-4064.


  • Robertson, N., Flegal, J.M., Jones, G.L.,Vats, D., New Visualizations for Monte Carlo Simulations, arXiv.

  • Liu, Y., Vats, D., Flegal, J.M., Optimal Batch Sizes for Variance Estimators in MCMC, arXiv.

  • Vats, D., Knudson, C., Revisiting the Gelman-Rubin Diagnostic, arXiv

  • Vats, D., Flegal, J.M., Lugsail Lag Windows and their Application to MCMC, arXiv

  • Vats, D., Andrieu, C., Multivariate Ordering of Markov Chains.

Book Reviews

  • Vats, D., Simulation and the Monte Carlo Method, 3rd ed. by Reuven Y. Rubinstein and Dirk P. Kroese (2019), Journal of the American Statistical Association, DOI.

  • Director’s Award, awarded for outstanding service to the School of Statistics, 2016

  • Graduate Research Partnership Program Fellowship, Summer 2016

  • Louise T. Dosdall Fellowship, endowed fellowship for women in STEM, 2016–2017

  • School of Statistics Alumni Fellowship, awarded to an outstanding student, 2015–2016

  • Martin - Buehler Fellowship in Statistics, for travel support, Fall 2015

  • Bernard W. Lindgren Graduate Student Teaching Award, for excellence in teaching, Spring 2014

  • Lynn Lin Fellowship in Statistics, for promise in statistical consulting, Summer 2014

University of Minnesota

  • Instructor, STAT 3011 - Introduction to Statistical Analysis, Spring 2015

  • Teaching Assistant, for undergrad and grad statistics courses, 2012–2015

  • Resource Instructor, College of Science and Engineering, New Grad Student Orientation, Summer 2013

Rutgers University

  • Part Time Lecturer, Calculus and pre-calculus, 2011–2012

  • Grader, Introduction to Mathematical Reasoning, Fall 2010

  • Google Summer of Code Participant, R package mcmcse., Summer 2015

  • Mathematical Statistician, United States Department of Energy, Washington, D.C., Summer 2011

  • Statistical Intern, ESPN Cricinfo, Bengaluru, India, Summer 2010


Room No. FB 580 (Faculty Building),
IIT Kanpur, Kanpur 208016.

Office Phone:0512-259-2076(Off):

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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