Basic Electronics Laboratory

Basic Electronics Lab is the associated with the institute core course “Introduction to Electronics”. This lab runs in both the semester and accommodates about 500 students per semester. The laboratory has basic electronic experiments on analog, digital and mixed signal circuits.


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List of Experiments:

  • Familiarization with Laboratory Instruments (Oscilloscope, Function Generator, DigitalMultimeter, DC Power Supply)

  • Characterisation of Passive Circuit Elements (R, L, C).

  • Time Response of RC and RL Circuits.

  • Frequency Response of RC and RLC Circuits.

  • Equivalent Circuits and Circuit Identification.

  • Iode Characteristics and DC Power Supply.

  • Bipolar Junction Transistor (BJT) Circuits (Inverter,Common Emitter Amplifier).

  • Operation Amplifiers.

  • Basic Combinational Circuits.

  • Synchronous and Ripple Counters.





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