• Master of Technology (M.Tech) Remote Sensing and GIS National Institute of Technology Karnataka
  • Bachelor of Engineering (B.E) Vivekananda College of Engineering and Technology Puttur



  • *B.M, Arjun*., Lohani, B., Jain, A. (2015), "Urban flood modelling - Parametrization of flood model"/, National Climate Sciences Conference, /2 - 3 July 2015, IISc Bangalore, Bangalore, India.

  • *B.M, Arjun*., Lohani, B., Tripathi, S., and Mohapatra, P.K. (2013), "Urban flood modelling using airborne LiDAR data", /Advancements in water modelling, /23 - 24 September 2013, IIT Delhi-DHI, New Delhi, India. 


Floods, Urban flooding, Urban Flood Modelling, Airborne LiDAR

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