Antaragni'21 Day 3



With jam-packed events, finals, and international and national star attractions, the last day of Antaragini’21 was hectic, cheerful, and tinged with the grief of conclusion.

The first event of Day 3 was the finale of the flagship competition DJ War - “The Colour Run”. A fun-filled run amidst a burst of beautiful colours culminated with a power-packed performance with the finalists of DJ War.

Women Empowerment is an issue we hear a lot about but to truly understand and implement it we were joined by two remarkable personalities - Ms Aruna Roy an Indian Social activist, professor and former civil servant and Ms Manasi Pradhan an Indian women’s rights activist and founder of Honour for Women National Campaign. This was followed by a Talk on Air Pollution by the distinguished professor of the Civil Engineering Department of IIT Kanpur - Dr Mukesh Sharma.

Next up we had the Alum Inspired, as a part of which we were graced with the presence of three distinguished alumni who have had a remarkable impact in their respective fields - Dr Neelkanth Mishra Managing Director, Co-Head of Equity Strategy, Asia Pacific, and India Strategist for Credit Suisse, a Computer Science graduate of the 1977 batch followed by Mr Hemant Jalan Founder of Indigo Paints, a Chemical Engineering graduate of the same batch and Mr Pushkar Misra CEO & President HGS Philippines, a Mechanical Engineering graduate of the 1982 batch. They instilled in the audience the learnings from their plethora of experiences that have completely revolutionized the various domains of their expertise. Their inspiring words made a lasting impression on the youngsters and motivated them to settle for nothing less than extreme success!

Jitterbug, the western dance competition saw teams competing with full enthusiasm and power and the finale of Antaragini Idol, the solo singing competition, witnessed a sequence of brilliant performances which showcased the vocal talent of the country. The judges of both these events were blown away by the sheer amount of extraordinary talent that the participants had.

Director’s Cut helped us to swoop into the innovative thought process of one of the most luminous minds in the Indian film industry - Mr Abhishek Kapoor the award-winning writer and director of Kai Po Che and Fitoor. The audience had an engaging discussion with Abhishek and observed the craft of cinematography from his eyes and comprehend all behind the scenes efforts and grinds that precede the production of a cinematic chef-d'oeuvre.

Moving forward with the International Carnival on day 3 we had Lavinia Meijer, a spellbinding and enthralling harpist from the Netherlands and Yui Yui - a talented dancer who rose from humble backgrounds in Japan and went ahead to participate in one of the grandest competitions, Asia’s Got Talent.

Then it was time to pick our Mr and Ms Antaragni’21 and the crowd witnessed the excitement in the air and the heat of competition as passionate participants competed for a chance to wear the coveted titles and carry forward the legacy of this glorious event, for this title, is as illustrious as ever.

Antaragni’21 also conducted many informal competitions for fanatics. The TV Series Quiz was one such feud filled with exhilaration , fervour, and delirium.

The night got glamorous with the extremely gorgeous and sensational Sunidhi Chauhan rocking the stage with her top hits like ‘Desi Girl’, ’Kamli’, and ‘Shava Shava’ in Blitzkrieg. She gave the audience a life-time experience. Her euphonious voice induced the feeling of gaiety amongst the assemblage. Everybody was left quivering and wanted the gig to never end.

The whole carnival came to an enclosure with the three-day event Silent-Disco that aimed at reducing noise pollution. The Disco goers put their earphones on and plugged right into nirvana with this refreshing gala of ours.

As “All good things must come to an end”, Anatargni’21 bid us a fond valediction, with a promise to come back with an even greater festival next year.

Day 2 Antaragni’21

The second day of Antaragni soar to new heights of excellence and euphoria with some dynamic back to back competitions and jaw-dropping performances that went on till the wee hours.

The day began with the Pair on Stage, the duo singing competition, adjudged by Atul Bara, Alvin Rozario, Lopita Mishra and Sanchari Bose. Further, in our series of line-ups, we had “International Carnival” wherein the celebrated Himbaza Club from Rwanda, vocalists Harrah Kay and Hannah Korin Dimaano Castillo from the Philippines and the Argentinean musician Maxi Pachecoy made the crowd go crazy with their stellar performances

Next up, it was time for the Wanderlust in which we were joined by two travel enthusiasts and professionals Brinda Sharma and Nivedith who shared their experiences from their life of vlogging and touring the world. The Nukkad Natak and Radio Play finals also lived up to the hype with a plethora of stirring performances.

It was followed by the culmination of the eight-month-long competition to celebrate the beauty of rock music - Synchronicity - in a grand finale that was held in fully offline mode in IIT Kanpur and was headlined and judged by the proficient rock band Banned Frequency from Kolkata.

As a part of the Alum Inspired, we were graced with the presence of Dr Mahesh Gupta the managing director of Kent RO systems, a graduate of the 1975 batch in Mechanical Engineering. He instilled in the audience the learnings from his experiences that have completely revolutionized the purified drinking water system and contributed immensely to the provision of safe drinking water in Rural and Urban areas. His inspiring words made a lasting impression on the youngsters.

At the Outreach Auditorium, for the event IITK for Kanpur 4.0 - industry revolution through automation, we were joined by Ms Neha Jain ACEO, UPSIDA, who elaborated on her visionary motives and how IITK and its students stand a chance to contribute to a better tomorrow. She stated that to reach one's goals one should pursue excellence.

Celebrating the delicacy of literature, we also had a short filmmaking competition wherein the participants got to put their creative cinematographic skills to the test.

Dance is one of the most beautiful, graceful and expressive art forms known to the human race. It helps you reflect your emotions through fluid moves. Estampie - a solo dance competition, saw huge engagement from across India. The extremely reputed Anil Gupta, Shivam Sharma, and Sumit were on the judging panel.

Further in our series of line-ups we had-Monologue,in which the audience got a chance to ablaze the stage with their heart-warming acting. Ritambhara, the biggest inter-college fashion competition, got to witness some innovative and supremely chic designs by the enthusiastic competitors. It was adjudicated by a set of evergreen fashion maestros- Sanya Chugh, Nishant Jadhwani, Radhika Mundhra, and Sukhneet Wadhwa Gujral.

The evening turned magical with some harmonious ragas during the Classical Eve. The captivating melody of electrifying Sarod player Debasmita Bhattacharya and Tabla virtuoso Surojato Roy left the audience in awe.

EDM night infused our bodies with feelings of elation as Ritviz played his hits like "Liggi", "Udd gaye" and "Jeet" after another. The atmosphere, the smell of thrill and exhilaration coupled with the fantabulous music made every second feel like an hour and the entire show, gone in a minute.

Karaoke night saw many students leave behind their reservations and come forward to have a good time with friends.

Anime quiz saw fierce competition simply to put one to the test - who knew the most? Encyclopedic amounts of knowledge was shown by the competitors and it was all in all, a spirited and extremely enjoyable event.

We also had DJ wars where the sickest of beats were dropped and the hottest of shots were fired.

Antaragni’21 Inauguration Ceremony

After two long years of passiveness and distress, the much-anticipated cultural festival of IIT Kanpur, Antaragni began in the offline mode with utmost zeal and enthusiasm.

The inauguration ceremony was presided over by none other than a man of phenomenal excellence- Mr. Awanish Awasthi, the Additional Chief Secretary under the Government of Uttar Pradesh. The ceremony began at 11:00 am in the Outreach Auditorium with the lighting of the lamp to symbolically mark the beginning of Antaragni. Several memorable speeches were made by the extremely putative panel. The audience was enthralled to hear the words of our director, Mr. Abhay Karandikar. He hoped that this festival would give people an opportunity to exhibit their talents in fields other than academics and thanked Mr. Awasthi for inaugurating the festival as nobody could’ve been a better fit than this supremely ingenious alumnus of ours.

The esteemed chief guest of the event, Mr. Awanish Awasthi concentrated on how the sky's the only limit, sharing memorable stories from his life at IIT Kanpur and how that has shaped him into the person he is now.

Further, in our series of line-ups we had “International Carnival” wherein the celebrated illusionist, Brendon Peel charmed us with his unique wit and magic tricks, he was followed by the exceptional artist Ekaterina Ermilkina, who welcomed us into the realm of colours and created a piece of beauty in just 15 minutes.

The fest stage was then taken over by India's largest Fusion and Eastern Rock Competition- Junoon. The audience was awestruck by the combination of rhythm, dynamics, melody, harmony, timbre, texture, and form displayed by the prelims qualifiers in their final set of performances. These fusion rocks swayed the viewers into a land of music less explored and left them tapping their feet in sync.

As a part of India Inspired, we were graced with the presence of Dr. V. Anantha Nageswaran - the Chief Economic Advisor to the Government of India. He instilled in the audience learnings from his experiences having taught at several business schools across India and Singapore and a corporate career spanning over seventeen years. His expertise in the economic sector definitely made a lasting impression on young minds.

The stage also got to witness a fierce battle of music with Sangam, where varied groups from across different states of the country came together to commemorate the beauty of our rich traditional tunes.

Kick-starting the dance competitions under Antaragni’s umbrella was “Dance Battle”- a solo dance tussle that saw overwhelming participation with each one putting their best foot forward, literally. Some of the smoothest dancers of the nation were seen vying for the winning title, mesmerising the judges with their balletic moves.

In Nrityangana, the classical solo competition, the judges Bijal Haria and D. Padmakumar claimed to have been blown away by the high standard of the performances and found it very difficult to choose a winner. In the evening, the performances of Sonroopa Vishal, Azhar Iqbal, Sudeep Bhola, and Ekagra Sharma at the Kavi Sammelan became an unexpected success as it was assumed that there won’t be many takers for Poetry and Ghazals in a youth festival. A classic story of negligence turning into a star attraction.

The highlight of the day was the first celebrity performance of the fest by India’s leading experimental indie rock band, Delhi Indie Project. The enthralling concert swept the crowd off its feet. The band gave a power-packed performance with the crowd's favourite songs like Rehnuma, Guzaarish, and Yeh Dilli Hai Meri.

The first day came to a close with a live poetry slam- a spoken word poetry competition that witnessed several alums pouring their hearts out through literature as they reminisced about their college days. It was indeed heart-warming to see our forebearers of the identity of our college experiencing the jolts of longing, nostalgia, and comradeship.

Antaragni, the cultural festival of IIT Kanpur

Antaragni, the cultural festival of IIT Kanpur, is an embodiment of the cultural flair and creative exuberance to celebrate the artistic spirit within each one of us. It is a fiesta of love, light and life imbued with the cacophonies of ethereal joy and ecstasy, embracing myriad of emotions. Over the years, Antaragni has expanded and evolved into the biggest cultural extravaganza organized by students of an institute. The fest has experienced a breath-taking 130,000-strong footfall with more than 25,000,000 eyeballs It has time and again bedazzled the audience and left them in awe. More than anything else, Antaragni is a legacy promoting excellence and prowess in talent and culture that has been continuing for over 55 years, and we are proud to conduct the 56th edition of Antaragni with the ingenious theme 'A Nouvelle Rhapsody,' keeping the spark alive and the fire inside each one of us, raging.

Antaragni is being conducted partly offline after two long tiresome years of lockdown and restrictions, during which it was held online with perpetual ardor. The enthusiasm for the offline fest this year is touching the skies, and the team strives to carry forward the golden legacy of Antaragni, and rejuvenate the zest of our glorious cultural festival.

The second phase of Antaragni is scheduled from April 8 to April 10, 2022, with a myriad of cultural artists, influential visionaries, and soulful personalities gracing our ebullient cultural festival. As part of the opening ceremony at 11 AM on 8th April, Mr. Awanish Kumar Awasthi (Additional Chief Secretary to the Government of Uttar Pradesh, Home Department) will partake in kicking off the event as chief guest.

Antaragni presents a plethora of star attractions to look forward to with zeal and passion. To start with, we present the India Inspired event featuring Nat Radhakrishna and Shri V Anantha Nageswaran, with the motivation to inspire the audience through the perspective of illustrious personalities cutting across a multitude of fields. The Alum Inspired event includes a talk with Neelkanth Mishra, Dr. Mahesh Gupta, Hemant Jalan, and Pushkar Mishra. The Talent Fiesta event introduces talents across a wide cultural setting as the name suggests and as a part of the event, we introduce Sandeep Singh, Ajay Rawat and Jayant Joshi with their immense and unique talents.

As part of the Wanderlust series, we present enchanting stories of people traveling across the globe along with tricks of the trade with Brinda Sharma and Nivedith Gajapathy. Abhi and Niyu, Abhishek Kapoor, and Puneet Sira also join the lineup of high-spirited cultural artists, the former being part of the Ignite event, and the latter two being a part of the Director’s Cut respectively. We also have the Classical Night with Debasmita Bhattacharya to keep you mesmerized. Expanding the creative spectrum of Antaragni, we also present artists from around the world with their idiosyncratic talents and cultural motivations, with a mission to tell their story. This monumental lineup features Brendon Peel, Chango Spasiuk, Ekaterina Ermilkina, Himbaza Club, Hannah Korin and Harrah Kay, Lavinia Meijer, Maxi Pachecoy, and Yui Yui.

Adding to the series of such star studded artists, we are enthralled to host the musical prodigy Ritviz for the EDM night. To accentuate the enthusiasm, the Bollywood night will witness frolicking performances from the all-time great Sunidhi Chauhan. This will be a colossal carnival of unparalleled artistry, delivering experiences as exceptional as ever and giving you memories of a lifetime.



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