Transport Phenomena and Multi-Physics Simulations


Experimental and Numerical Studies of Blooming Jet


Researchers in the Transport Phenomena and Multi-Physics Simulations track work in the areas of theoretical, experimental and numerical methods for fluid flow and heat transfer related applications to provide a deeper insight on the phenomena which are relevant in nature and industry, e.g., flow in porous media, multiphase and multicomponent flow, interfacial phenomena, microfluidic systems, complex fluids and materials processing, hydrodynamic instabilities and flow control, atmospheric and oceanic fluid dynamics, granular flows and gravity currents. We have a wide expertise in heat and mass transfer in multiphase flows, turbulent flows, microflows and biological flows, optical techniques.

Research Areas


  • Computational fluid dynamics and heat transfer

  • Experimental fluid dynamics and heat transfer

  • Flow boiling in microchannels

  • Dropwise Condensation on textured surfaces

  • Optical techniques

  • Microfluidics and heat transfer

  • Targeted drug delivery using magnetofluidics

  • Hydrodynamic instabilities

  • Vortex dynamics

  • Dielectric Barrier Discharge plasma actuator for jet vectoring

  • Droplet hydrodynamics of protein crystallization

  • Heat transfer in nanofluids

  • Design of grain separators for agri/pharma sectors. Development of relevant computational tools

  • Heat Transfer in Rotary Kilns used for Drying and Production of Cement

Chaos in Stratospheric polar Vortex

Research Laboratories:


  • Fluid mechanics Laboratory

  • Computational Fluid Dynamics Laboratory

  • Computational Heat Transfer Laboratory

  • Micro-scale Transport Laboratory

  • Phase-change Thermal Systems Laboratory

  • Water Tunnel Facility

Pulsating Heat Pipes


Associated Faculty


Gautam Biswas, Ph.D. (IIT Kharagpur) (on deputation as the Director of IIT Guwahati): Computational fluid mechanics and heat transfer, turbulence

P. S. Ghoshdastidar, PhD (South Carolina) : computational heat transfer, rotary kiln modelling, non-Newtonian flow and heat transfer, simulation of boiling heat transfer

Anirban Guha, PhD (University of British Columbia, Vancouver): hydrodynamic instabilities, wave mechanics, vortex dynamics, chaotic flows, transport and mixing, gravity currents, flow over topography

Sameer Khandekar, PhD (Uni-Stuttgart): thermal management, passive heat transfer, heat pipes, energy systems

K. Muralidhar, PhD (Delaware): optical techniques, flow control hierarchical porous media

P. K. Panigrahi, PhD (LSU): laser based instrumentation, flow control, CAD of thermal systems, turbulence, micro-fluidics and heat transfer

Arun K. Saha, PhD (IIT Kanpur): turbulance, chaos & bifurcation, vortex dynamics, hotwire anemometry, gas hydrates, experimental fluid dynamics and heat transfer, computational fluid dynamics and heat transfer

Subrata Sarkar, PhD (IIT Madras): turbomachinery, turbulence, computational fluid dynamics, LES, experimental fluid mechanics, heat transfer

Ishan Sharma, PhD (Cornell University): mechanics of granular media, modeling granular systems for geophysical and industrial applications. stability and vibrations of structural and fluid-structural systems

Coalescence under a textured surface


Granular minor planets

Grain separators for agri/pharma sectors


Visualization of synthetic jets


Concentration boundary layer for alumina-water nanofluid