Chromium Etching by Laser


The major research focus is on nano/ meso scale patterning in metals and polymers for developing different surfaces which have different wettabilities, adhesion and friction coefficients for tribological applications. The patterning is performed by using Excimer laser machining. The patterns can also be grown on surfaces by using chemical vapor deposition processes. Patterning thin chromium films with laser has been explored for a variety of mask fabrication processes for lithography applications. The lasing process is further optimized by exploring COMSOL models of light matter interaction.

Research Areas

Microtexturing on metals, polymers and semiconducting surfaces through Laser processes and using CVD growth

Research Laboratories:


Manufacturing Science Laboratory
Tribology and Surface Engineering Lab


Associated Faculty


J. Ramkumar, PhD (IIT Madras): Micro / Nano-Fabrication and finishing, Nano Composites and Tribology

Array of craters on silicon material fabrciated with Excimer laser machining process

SEM image of GaN nanostructures grown on silicon substrate