Acoustics, Dynamics and Vibration

Nonlinear Modeling of Electrodynamic Systems

Research in Acoustics, Dynamics and Vibration track is directed at the many challenging problems associated with the design and operation of modern engineering structures, ranging from development of fundamental theory and innovative computational tools to application-based research into topics such as offshore structures, vehicles, ground-borne vibration and musical instruments. We have access to extensive computational and experimental facilities, and we have close ties with industry, research and other academic institutions. Research expertise of our faculties lies in areas related to structural vibration, vibration control, noise control, acoustics, stability, bifurcation & chaos, pattern formation, non-smooth systems, time-detailed systems.

Research Areas

  • Linear and nonlinear modeling of electrodynamic systems

  • Anti lock braking system, Traction control system & Electronic stability control

  • Effect of nonlinearities on the system behavior

  • Vibration characteristics of continuous systems like strings, plates and shells.

  • Study of Indian stringed musical instruments.

  • Instabilities in structures and hydrodynamic systems.

  • Machine-tool vibrations.

  • Time-delayed systems.

  • Reduced order modeling

Research Laboratories:

Nonlinear Mechanics Laboratory
Acoustics Laboratory

Associated Faculty

Anindya Chatterjee, PhD (Cornell University): Dynamics and Vibrations.

Shakti S. Gupta, PhD (Virginia Tech): Linear/Nonlinear Structural Mechanics, Mechanics of Nanomaterials and their Characterization using Molecular Simulations.

Nachiketa Tiwari, PhD (Viriginia Tech): Acoustics and Noise Control, Solid Mechanics, Composite Structures, Vibrations, Product Design, Automotive Systems, MEMS.

Nalinaksh S. Vyas, PhD (IIT Delhi): Vibrations, Rotor Dynamics, Virtual Instrumentation, Condition Monitoring.
Pankaj Wahi, PhD (IISc Bangalore): Reduced order modeling, Vibration of continuous systems, Control of self-excited oscillations, Mechanics of machining, Time-delayed systems.


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