Different types of joints, Types of Robots. Spatial transformation. Forward and inverse kinematics of serial manipulators. Singularity and manipulation ability. Actuators, sensors and robot programming in VAL II. Linear control of robotics systems . Applications, motion planning, grasping and industrial automation.

Course plan

I. Introduction to robotics-origin of automation, Classification of robots, Rotations and translation of vectors. (2 hrs)

II. Transformations and Euler angle representations, Homogenous transformations, Problems. (5 Hrs)

III. Direct kinematics , Inverse kinematics. Problems. (6 Hrs)

IV. Velocity kinematics and Jacobian, Statics, singularity and Manipulability. (2 Hrs)

V. Trajectory planning (2 hrs)

VI. Actuators, Velocity and position sensors. Range, proximity, touch sensors. (5 hrs)

VII. Force, torque sensors. (3 hrs)

VIII. Control basics, Linear control basics, Model based control. (5 hrs)

IX. Fore control, Impedance control. (3 hrs)

X. Basic mechanical design concepts. (3 hrs)

XI. Robot Vision, Image segmentation, Template matching, Polyhedral objects, Shape analysis. (2 hrs)

XII. Motion planning – potential fields, projective path planning. (2 hrs)

XIII. Grasping and industrial automation. (2 hrs)