5-Axis Machining

EMCO Concept Mill 250 Machining Center

The EMCO Concept Mill 250 is a sturdy but compact machine ideal for producing medium scale work pieces requiring high amounts of material removal using modern CNC control software (ESPIRT CAM Software). The roll of Concept Mill 250 in edu-cation is defined by its interchangeable control systems. The soft-ware can be switched in a minute from FANUC 21M control to SIEMENS 810/840 fully supported by Fanuc and Siemens. The machine is equipped with powerful AC servo motors for all axes, and a 20-station Automatic Tool Changer. Work piece is rotatable in every position desired at any time. It has the ESPIRT Software, which is considered to be the most powerful CAM Software. It is a high performance computer aided manufacturing system for a full range machine tool operation The Concept Mill 250 can be integrated into FMS and CIM systems along with the robotics in-terface. Accessories includes a Rotating and swiveling unit as 5th axis with high precision harmonic gear.


  1. Model/Make: EMCO Concept Mill 250

  2. Max Speed: 10,000 RPM, Power 7KW

  3. 20 Station Tool Drum with directional logic

  4. Travel- X350mm, Y250mm, Z300mm

  5. Clamping Surface- 500 X 300mm

  6. PC Controlled CNC: Machining center with Interchangeable control

  7. EMCO Software Win NC

  8. SINUMERIK 810/840D machine license (32bit)

  9. Software EMCO 3D View

  10. 4th Axis- NC Dividing Head WALTER TANI 80 NEG

  11. 5th Axis- Turntable DSE25 –

    1. Spindle Speed A axis 15rpm

    2. Spindle Speed B axis 3rpm

    3. Size- X/Y/Z = 520/260/150

    4. Swiveling Height = 80mm

    5. Swiveling Area of 4th Axis = Max. 910

  12. ESPRIT CAM Software: Powerful Spectrum Programming for:

    1. 2-5 Axis Milling,

    2. 2-22 Axis Turning,

    3. 2-5 Axis Wire EDM,

    4. Multitasking Mill Turn Machining,

    5. Swiss Turn and B-Axis Machine Tools High Speed 3 and 5- Axis machining