Experimental Stress Analysis (ESA) Lab






  • 25 KN servo hydraulic universal testing machine

  • Strain conditioners and data acquisition systems

  • Drop weight testing machine

  • Field Emission Scanning Electron Microscope with EDS

  • Universal testing machine

  • Hardness tester (Brinell, Vickers, Rockwell superficial)

  • Poldi Portable Hardness Tester (Shore A and Shore D)

  • Fatigue tester (rotating bending, and reverse bending)


  • Application of strain gauge techniques: Lecture on strain gauge based methods, Cantilever beam and Portal frame experiments

  • Application of Strain Gauge techniques: experiment on combined bending and torsion

  • Applications  of  photoelasticity: demonstration  of  photoelastic techniques

  • Applications of photoelasticity:  Calibration of the photoelastic constant, Determination of the stress field in a beam under bending

  • Applications of Digital Image Correlation: Demonstration of DIC techniques, determination of strain fields in the gauge section of a polymeric dog-bone specimen under tension

  • Applications of DIC: Determination of thermoelastic stress and strain fields using DIC


Relevant Information (if any):

Faculty: Dr. Sumit Basu


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