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Yogesh Singh Chauhan

PhD (Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne (EPFL), Switzerland)

Associate Professor & Ramanujan Fellow, Departement of Electrical Engineering


Research Interest



  • PhD, Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne (EPFL), Switzerland ‐ 2004‐2007
    Thesis Title:Compact modeling of high voltage MOSFETs
    Thesis Supervisor:Adrian M. Ionscue
  • M.Tech, Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur 2001‐ 2003
  • B. Tech, S G S I T S Indore – 1997‐2001



  • EE698L (Compact Modeling)

  • EE614 (Solid State Devices - I)

  • EE370 tutorial (Digital Electronics and Microprocessor Technology)

  • EE210 tutorial (Microelectronics - I)

  • ESC201A tutorial and lab (Introduction to Electronics)


  • Y. S. Chauhan, S. Venugopalan, M.-A. Chalkiadaki, M. A. Karim, H. Agarwal, S. Khandelwal, N. Paydavosi, J. P. Duarte, C. C. Enz, A. M. Niknejad, and C. Hu, "BSIM6: Analog and RF Compact Model for Bulk MOSFET," IEEE Transactions on Electron Devices, Vol. 61, Issue 2, Feb. 2014.

  • Y. S. Chauhan, C. Anghel, F. Krummenacher, C. Maier, R. Gillon, B. Bakeroot, B. Desoete, S. Frere, A. Baguenier Desormeaux, A. Sharma, M. Declercq, and A. M. Ionescu, "Scalable General High Voltage MOSFET Model including Quasi-Saturation and Self- Heating effect," Solid State Electronics, Vol. 50, Issues 11-12, pp. 1801-1813, Nov.-Dec. 2006.

  • S. Khandelwal, C.Yadav, S. Agnihotri, Y. S. Chauhan, A. Curutchet, T. Zimmer, J.-C. Dejaeger, N. Defrance, and T. A. Fjeldly, "A Robust Surface-Potential-Based Compact Model for GaN HEMT IC Design," IEEE Transactions on Electron Devices, Vol. 60, Issue 10, Oct. 2013.

  • Y. S. Chauhan, D. Tsamados, N. Abele, C. Eggimann, M. Declercq, and A. M. Ionescu, "Compact Modeling of Suspended Gate FET," IEEE International Conference on VLSI Design, Hyderabad, India, Jan. 2008.

  • Y. S. Chauhan, F. Krummenacher, C. Anghel, R. Gillon, B. Bakeroot, M. Declercq, and A. M. Ionescu, "Analysis and Modeling of Lateral Non-Uniform Doping in High-Voltage MOSFETs," IEEE International Electron Devices Meeting, San Francisco, USA, Dec. 2006.


  • 2010-2012 - University of California Berkeley

  • 2010 - Tokyo Institutre of Technology, Tokyo, Japan

  • 2007-2010 - IBM Bangalore

  • 2003-2004 - ST Microelectronics


  • Editor of Institution of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineers (IETE) Technical Review

  • Senior Member of IEEE


  • Received IBM Faculty Award (2013)

  • Awarded Ramanujan Fellowship by Department of Science and Technology (2012)

  • Senior Member of IEEE

  • Honorable Mention Award in IEEE VLSI conference - Jan 2008



Department of Electrical Engineering
Indian Institute of Technology
Kanpur, U.P. - 208016

Office Phone: 0512-259-7244 (O) / 0512-259-7257 (Assistant)

Labs addresses: Nanolab (WL215)

Email: chauhan[AT]



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