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M Tech Admission - 2014 - 15

Candidates Accepting Admission Offer to EEM M. Tech Program

Candidates on Waiting List Offered Admission to EEM M. Tech Program


All students who have accepted/been offered admission will
be provided an institute assistantship of Rs 8000 per month

Environmental Engineering and Management Programme, IIT Kanpur

The Environmental Engineering and Management (EEM) Programme at the Department of Civil Engineering is one of the oldest and well recognized academic programmes in environmental management in the country and abroad. In addition to academic activities, the EEM group provides major environmental services. As the environmental issues are becoming multi-disciplinary, the EEM group is supported by other departments like Chemical Engineering, Chemistry, Facility for Ecological and Analytical Testing (FEAT) etc.

It has produced environmental engineers who are now leading professionals in water treatment and pollution control. Over 250 masters and 30 doctoral students have graduated. Several sponsored and consulting projects in areas like health-based air quality index, atmospheric dispersion of pollutants, air pollution monitoring and control, drinking water supply, heavy metal pollution, industrial waste treatment, biological processes, biosorption, virology, environmental systems modelling, and softwares have been completed.

Recognizing the challenges for environmentally sustainable economic development, the Institute has now launched a new, unique and broad-based programme in Environmental Engineering and Management. This is primarily to meet the growing human resource requirements of high quality to provide leadership in various sectors. These sectors are: policy and planning, implementation and legal aspects, sustainable industrial development, environment-friendly infrastructure management, resource cleanup through remediation of land, water and air resources, over and above the traditional 'end of pipe' pollution control measures.


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Address: Western Labs-116, IIT Kanpur - 208016, India
For Further Queries contact: Head EEM