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Indranil Saha Dalal

 PhD (University of Michigan, Ann Arbor)

Assistant Professor, Department of Chemical Engineering


Research Interest



  •  Ph.D., Chemical Engineering, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, 2013
    Thesis Title:Multiscale Modeling of Polymer Dynamics under Equilibrium and Non-Equilbrium Conditions ThesisSupervisor:Ronald G. Larson
  •  M.S., Mathematics, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, 2013
  • M.E., Chemical Engineering, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, 2005
  •  B.E., Chemical Engineering, Jadavpur University, Kolkata, 2003



  • Indranil Saha Dalal, Chih-Chen Hsieh, Alex Albaugh and Ronald G. Larson,"Effects of Excluded Volume and Hydrodynamic Interactions on the Behavior of Isolated Bead-Rod Polymer Chains in Shearing Flow", AIChE J., 60 (4), 1400-1412 (2014).
  • Indranil Saha Dalal and Ronald G. Larson, "Explaining the Absence of High-Frequency Viscoelastic Relaxation Modes of Polymers in Dilute Solutions", Macromolecules, 46 (5), 1981-1992 (2013).
  • Indranil Saha Dalal, Alex Albaugh, Nazish Hoda and Ronald G. Larson, "Tumbling and deformation of isolated polymer chains in shearing flow", Macromolecules, 45 (23), 9493-9499 (2012).
  •  Indranil Saha Dalal, Nazish Hoda and Ronald G. Larson, "Multiple Regimes of Deformation in Shearing Flow of Isolated Polymers ", Journal of Rheology, 56, 305 (2009).

  • Postdoctoral fellow, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, 2013-2014
  • Engineer, General Electric Water and Process Technologies, JFWTC Bangalore, 2005-2007



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Department of Chemical Engineering
IIT Kanpur,
Kanpur 208016

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