Cultural Societies at IITK


At IIT Kanpur you can reap the benefits of the cultural heritage of the country and the world. Here is a list of cultural societies at IITK. These societies contribute immensely to the vibrant campus life at IIT Kanpur.


Film Club

With activities ranging from home movie making to video editing, from sizzling ads to catchy trailers, it is undoubtedly it is one of the most assiduous club. Apart from its own activities, Film club strives to spread its art to the campus community through lecture series on various aspects of film making, Ad making competitions, movie making projects etc. It also provides a platform to acting enthusiasts to showcase and hone their skills.




Music Club

The Music Club is a place where students come to jam, learn and make music of different flavours. The club conducts a variety of activities throughout the year ranging from grand intra-campus shows to fierce musical competitions to productive musical workshops to participation in nation-wide competitions. The club has constantly been involved in creating new compositions under the stage name 'Parivartan'



Animation Club , Films and Media Council

The club provides a platform to those who wish to explore the world of animation. The club activities involve development of 3D models using various softwares, making of short animated films (both 2D and 3D). We deal with various softwares some of which are : 3ds max, Toon Boom Animate Pro, Adobe Flash, Premier Pro, boujou, After Effects.


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