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Debashish Chowdhury

PhD (IIT Kanpur)

Professor, Department of Physics




  • PhD, IIT Kanpur (1984)
  • M.Sc., IIT Kharagpur (1980)



  • D. Chowdhury,"SPIN GLASSES and OTHER FRUSTRATED SYSTEMS", (385 pages) Pub. in North America by PRINCETON UNIVERSITY PRESS, (USA) (Princeton series in Physics edited by A. S. Wightman and P.W. Anderson) and elsewhere by WORLD SCIENTIFIC PUBLISHING CO., Singapore (1986).

  • D. Chowdhury, L. Santen and A. Schadschneider, "Statistical physics of vehicular traffic and some related systems". PHYSICS REPORTS (Elsevier), vol.329, 199-329 (2000).

  • K. Nishinari, Y. Okada, A. Schadschneider and D. Chowdhury, "Intra-cellular transport of single-headed molecular motors KIF1A". PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS (APS, USA) , vol.95, 118101 (2005) .

  • Garai, D. Chowdhury, D. Chowdhury and T.V. Ramakrishnan, "Stochastic kinetics of ribosomes: Single motor properties and collective behavior". PHYSICAL REVIEW E (APS, USA) vol.80, 011908 (2009).

  • D. Chowdhury "Stochastic mechano-chemical kinetics of molecular motors: a multidisciplinary enterprise from a physicist's perspective". PHYSICS REPORTS (Elsevier), vol. 529, 1-197 (2013). (197 pages)


  • Elected Fellow, Indian National Science Academy (INSA), New Delhi

  • Elected Fellow, Indian Academy of Sciences (IASc), Bangalore

  • Elected Fellow, National Academy of Sciences India (NASI), Allahabad

  • J.C. Bose National Fellowship, SERB/DST, India

  • INSA Young Scientist medal, Indian National Science Academy, New Delhi.



Department of Physics
IIT Kanpur,
Kanpur 208016

Office Phone: 0512-259-7039 (O)

Email: debch[AT]


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