Dhirendra S. Katti

PhD (University Of Mumbai)

Professor, Department of Biological Sciences & Bioengineering (BSBE)

Research Interest



  • Ph.D., Univ. Of Mumbai, 1999
  • M.Sc. (Tech.), Univ. of Mumbai, 1993
  • B.Sc., Univ. of Pune, 1990



  • Arya, N, Arora A, Vasu KS, Sood AK, Katti DS (2013) Combination of single walled carbon nanotubes/graphene oxide with paclitaxel: a reactive oxygen species mediated synergism for treatment of lung cancer. Nanoscale 5: 2818-2829.

  • Seth A and Katti DS (2012) A one-step electrospray-based technique for modulating morphology and surface properties of poly(lactide-co-glycolide) microparticles using Pluronics®. Int. J. of Nanomed. 7: 5129-5136.

  • Rizvi MS, Kumar P, Katti DS, Pal, A. (2012) Mathematical model of mechanical behavior of micro/nanofibrous materials designed for extracellular matrix substitutes. Acta Biomaterialia 8: 4111-4122.

  • Arya N, Sardana V, Saxena M, Rangarajan A, Katti DS (2012) Recapitulating tumour microenvironment in chitosan-gelatin three-dimensional scaffolds: An improved in vitro tumour model. Journal of the Royal Society Interface 9: 3288-3302.

  • Vasita R, Mani G, Agrawal CM, and Katti DS (2010) Surface hydrophilization of electropsun PLGA micro-/nano-fibers by blending with Pluronic® F-108. Polymer, 51 (16): 3706-3714.

  • Member of Expert Advisory Group (Subcommittee of DST – PAC on Instrumentation) forMedical and Health Care Instrumentation (2009-2012)

  • Associate Editor – International Journal of Nanomedicine, Dove Press, UK (2009)

  • 'P.K. Kelkar (batch of 1970) Research Fellowship' awarded by IIT-Kanpur (2009)

  • Editorial board member - Journal of Biomedical Nanotechnology, American Scientific Publishers, USA (2007)

  • Editorial board member - Trends in Biomaterials and Artificial Organs, Society for Biomaterials and Artificial Organs, India (2007)


Department of BSBE
IIT Kanpur,
Kanpur 208016

Office Phone: 0512-259-4028 (O)

Email: dsk[AT]iitk.ac.in

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