Debopam Das

PhD (IISc Bangalore)

Professor, Department of Aerospace Engineering

Research Interest



  • PhD, Indian Institute Science, Bangalore , 1998
  • M.E., Indian Institute Science, Bangalore , 1992
  • B.E., Bengal Engineering College, Shibpur, Calcutta University 1990



  • T. Murugan & Debopam Das, Characteristics of counter-rotating vortex rings formed ahead of a compressible vortex ring , Expts. In Fluids Vol. 49 Issue: 6 Page: 1247- 1261, 2010

  • T. Murugan & Debopam Das, Characteristics of noise produced during impingement of a compressible vortex ring on a wall, International Journal of Aeroacoustics Vol 9 Issue 6 PP849-846, 2010

  • Murugan T, S. De, C. L. Dora and Debopam Das, Numerical simulation and PIV study of compressible vortex ring evolution, Shock Waves Vol.22, Number 1, 69-83, 2012 online 2011

  • Joydeep Bhowmik, Debopam Das, Saurav Kumar Ghosh, Aerodynamic modeling of flapping flight using lifting line theory, International Journal of Intelligent Unmanned Systems(Invited Article) Vol. 1 Iss: 1, pp.36 – 61, 2013

  • Murugan, T., De, S., Dora, C., Das, D. and Kumar, P.P., A study of the counter rotating vortex rings interacting with the primary vortex ring in shock tube generated flows, Fluid Dynamics Research Vol. 45(2), pp. 025506 ,2013 (Most read article May 2013)

  • Neelamegam, V Shankar, and Debopam Das, Suppression of purely-elastic instabilities in the torsional flow of viscoelastic fluid past a soft solid, Physics of Fluids Vol.25, Issue 12, 2013


Office Phone: 0512-259-7227 (O) / 0512-259-8578 (R)


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