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A study by Prof. Amitabha Bandyopadhyay and team uncovering the critical role of BMP signaling in Osteoarthritis (OA)—a painful debilitating disorder causing locomotive disability. The study offers local inhibition of BMP signaling as an effective therapy for OA.

An insightful study by Prof. Amitabha Bandyopadhyay and team offers critical understanding into formation of limb joints. The study elaborates how interplay between key signaling pathways triggers activation of essential molecules that mark future joint sites. The insights offered in the study could be explored to address congenital skeletal joint defects.

A study by Prof. Santosh Misra's team, spearheaded by Niranjan Chatterjee, displays the fabrication and use of advanced biomaterial systems as a non-drug therapeutic alternative for healing mechanically damaged muscles. The study shows how the passivated nanocarbon based biomaterial assists muscle regeneration, and could be of potential use in addressing other muscle disorders including muscular dystrophy.

In an effort to mitigate damage due to incessant hemorrhage, Prof. Ashok Kumar and team have developed a cryogel with profound fluid absorption ability, rapid blood clotting and good antibacterial activity that can effectively inhibit bleeding from irregular and differently-compressible wound sites.

Anti-infective composite cryogel scaffold treats osteomyelitis and augments bone healing in rat femoral condyle. Qayoom I, Srivastava E, Kumar A. Biomaterials Advances. 2022 Nov 1;142:213133.

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Sulfated carboxymethylcellulose-based scaffold mediated delivery of Timp3 alleviates osteoarthritis

Das A, Nikhil A, Kumar A. Preparation of thermo-responsive polymer encapsulated exosomes and its role as a therapeutic agent for blood clot lysis. Colloids and Surfaces B: Biointerfaces. 2022 May 18:112580.

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Bioinspired Injectable Hydrogels Dynamically Stiffen and Contract to Promote Mechanosensing-Mediated Chondrogenic Commitment of Stem Cells.

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Evaluating potential of tissue-engineered cryogels and chondrocyte derived exosomes in articular cartilage repair.

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Simultaneous amelioration of diabetic ocular complications in lens and retinal tissues using a non-invasive drug delivery system.

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