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MFCEM Workshop: Introduction to Imaging


Zeiss India

The MFCEM workshop on “Introduction to imaging” was conducted by Mr. Rishi Kant, Application Specialist, Zeiss India, on November 5th 2022.

Imaging is an essential tool in the research arsenal, and therefore to keep abreast with the fast developing technologies in microscopy, one of the leaders in microscopy technologies, Zeiss (India), were invited to conduct a workshop. In the workshop a wide range of topics were discussed: from basic of microscopy, image acquisitions and quantitation, lifetime imaging (FRAP), to more advanced topics such as Laser Scanning Microscopy (LSM), LSM-based SR Imaging Techniques, Lattice SIM-based SR Techniques, Single Molecule Localization Microscopy and Correlative Workflow (LM to EM Correlative Microscopy).


MFCEM Workshop on Science and Public Engagement


Dr. Sarah Hyder Iqbal

The MFCEM workshop on Science and Public engagement was conducted by Dr. Sarah Hyder Iqbal on 24th Sep. 2022. Dr. Sarah is a communications and science engagement strategist.  She received her PhD in Biochemistry from Oxford University. Her focus is to build capacity in science engagement in India and develop creative, inclusive and participatory tools for public and policy engagement with science for a sustainable future.  She has initiated and is part of many national and international engagement programs, such as Superheroes Against Superbugs: an initiative to build a community to tackle antibiotic resistant-infections in India; and international programms such as Arting Health for Impact and Planet Divoc-91 among others.

  Resources on Science & Public Engagement




Mr. Rafeeque Mavoor, SciDart studio

MFCEM organized an online workshop on Scientific Illustration conducted by Mr. Rafeeque Mavoor, SciDart studio, on the 25th of June, 2022. The workshop was organized acknowledging the need to communicate science in understandable and engaging way using visual mediums such as images, graphics, illustrations, animation, movies etc. The workshop was open to all at IIT Kanpur with the aim to introduce the various tools and skill sets required to create telling scientific illustration.

Mr. Rafeeque Mavoor of SciDart studio has to his credit numerous Cover Art, Web Art, Illustrations, Animations & Science Films. He has conducted workshops at IISER-Pune, IISER-Bhopal, IIT Gandhinagar, Vigyan Prasar among others. He received a BS-MS Dual Degree in Chemical Sciences, from IISER-TVM, and continues to serve as part of the creative team for Scientific Illustration & Animation, Science Media Centre-IISER-Pune and IISER-TVM.


Panel Discussion on “The road forward for MFCEM and BSBE”

Panel Discussion on “The road forward for Mehta Family Centre for Engineering in Medicine (MFCEM) and Department of Biological Sciences and Bioengineering (BSBE)” organized by Dept BSBE, Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur, on the 20th foundation day celebration of the Department, 2021. The Panel Discussion was chaired by Prof Shankar Subramaniam, University of California San Diego, USA.


The Bhupat & Jyoti Mehta Family Foundation

MFCEM at the Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur is generously supported by the Mehta Family Foundation.

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