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MFCEM Workshop: Introduction to Imaging


Zeiss India

The MFCEM workshop on “Introduction to imaging” was conducted by Mr. Rishi Kant, Application Specialist, Zeiss India, on November 5th 2022.

Imaging is an essential tool in the research arsenal, and therefore to keep abreast with the fast developing technologies in microscopy, one of the leaders in microscopy technologies, Zeiss (India), were invited to conduct a workshop. In the workshop a wide range of topics were discussed: from basic of microscopy, image acquisitions and quantitation, lifetime imaging (FRAP), to more advanced topics such as Laser Scanning Microscopy (LSM), LSM-based SR Imaging Techniques, Lattice SIM-based SR Techniques, Single Molecule Localization Microscopy and Correlative Workflow (LM to EM Correlative Microscopy).

Further, the underlying principles defining the various feature and modules of light-, fluorescence- and laser scan- microscopy were explained at length. Various imaging-associated modalities, as well as the choice of the microscope optimum for the research question at hand were discussed. Finally, how future technologies could further enhance imaging capabilities of existing microscopes were touched upon.



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