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Startups- How to START, SUSTAIN and SUCCEED


RASHIE JAIN, Co-founder & CEO

26th August 2023

RASHIE JAIN, is an entrepreneur, co-founder and CEO of, a healthcare technology company focused on providing end-to-end care management to cancer patients.

Rashie did her BTech (BSBE), IIT Kanpur and later an MBA in healthcare management from Wharton School. Early on she recognized a lack of technology penetration in the healthcare space, particularly, a substantial information gap in cancer diagnostics, treatments, palliative care and over all support system. It is then that she along with Dr. Amit Jotwani founded in 2017 to alleviate plight of cancer patients and their caregivers. The Entrepreneur, recognized Rashie Jain for her outstanding contributions in the field and listed her as “35-under-35” promising entrepreneur to look out for.

Rashie Jain spoke about her journey from being an undergraduate student specializing in Biological sciences and Bioengineering, to doing her masters in Management from Warton school, and starting her medical tech company She shared the importance of reaching out to capable mentors, and domain experts, who could provide valuable advise, key to getting started.

Rashie also emphasized on thoroughly understanding the gap that one wishes to cater to as a startup and encouraged to start early and young. She briefed the listeners on many schemes: government, public and private angel funders who could be a valuable source of initial startup fundings.


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