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Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur

Systems Medicine

Lectures by Prof Shankar Subramaniam, UCSD & International Advisor, MFCEM, IIT Kanpur

Multi-omics and multi-model measurements have revolutionized our understanding of human physiology. The looming challenge, however, is converting the burgeoning data into insightful predictions and mechanistic models. The multiscale models would facilitate the "engineering" concepts of human cells, tissues and organs. This series of lectures aims to 1. Present the basic concepts of biology/physiology, 2. Delve into phenotypes, 3. Explore the underlying molecular and cellular underpinnings of working of cells, tissues and organs, and 4. Illustrate the use of omics data and its analysis.

Introduction to Neurobiology

Lectures by Prof. Nitin Gupta, Lab of Neural Systems, Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur

The lectures cover a wide range of topics in Neurobiology, starting with a historical and evolutionary perspective to Neurobiology; to introduction to the diverse neuronal cell types, sensory systems and the simple circuits that constitute neural networks. Through these lectures one is introduced to the chemical and electrical natures of synapses, and to different concepts such as capacitance, membrane potential and active conductance of neurons. The lectures also delve into different neuronal systems, such as of olfaction and of holistic visual perception.

Human Molecular Genetics

Lectures by Prof S. Ganesh, Human Molecular Genetics Laboratory, Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur

Through these series of lectures on human molecular genetics one would gain an understanding of the fundamental principles of genetics and its applications in uncovering the genetic basis of human diseases. These lectures cover a wide range of topics, such as, 1) The Central Dogma of Molecular Biology 2) Mendelian laws 3) Pedigree Analysis 4) Chromosome structure and function 5) Genetic Engineering Techniques 6) Animal models of human diseases and 7) Human Genome and HapMap project, among others.

Cell and Molecular Biology

Lectures by Prof Amitabha Bandyopadhyay, Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur

This lecture series on Cell and Molecular Biology provides a comprehensive introduction to various aspects of cellular processes and the molecular players orchestrating these processes. A plethora of topics namely 1) Genes, mutants, genotypes and phenotypes 2) Genetic screens, temperature sensitive mutants 3) Recombinant technologies including Mouse Gene Knockout technology 4) Translation and post-translation regulation 5) Intra-cellular trafficking and secretion of proteins, Work of Gunter Blobel - identification of SRP, SRP receptor, and 6) Protein conducting channel and work of Randy Schekman in identification of Sec mutants etc will be discussed.

Functional Genomics

Lectures by Prof S. Ganesh, Human Molecular Genetics Laboratory, Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur

High throughput DNA sequencing technologies have led to availability of the complete genome sequences of many organisms. Identification of functional components of the genome—be the genes, their regulatory regions or the non-coding part of the genome however remains a great challenge. The emerging field of "Functional Genomics" aims to develop and promote high throughput and large scale approaches to functionally annotate the genomes and uncover the genetic networks that regulate their functions. These lectures provide a comprehensive overview of the concept of Functional Genomics and contemporary approaches used to understand the genome function.


The Bhupat & Jyoti Mehta Family Foundation

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