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Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur

MFCEM Dialogues Series#1


Prof Prashant Mali

The MFCEM Dialogue series is an interactive event of students and faculty with accomplished researchers who are leaders in their field of research. The event includes a brief presentation by the speaker aimed at a wide audience, followed by an extended interaction session covering new developments in the field and the speaker’s personal experiences.
The first event of MFCEM Dialogues was held on the 26th January 9:30 pm over a zoom discussion with Prof Prashant Mali, from the Department of Bioengineering, of University of California San Diego. Prof Mali’s research interest lies in synthetic biology and regenerative medicine. His research team has developed many molecular tools for enabling DNA, RNA and

protein editing. Prof Mali shared some of his recent work on the use of CRISPR Cas9 technology for rational engineering of genomes, and its use in correcting faulty genes. He also shared his recent work on 3D bioprinting of vascularized matrices for long term ex-vivo cultures. The presentation was followed by a lively discussion session with the audience, wherein Prof Mali shared his journey from graduating as an Electrical Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, to this current interest in Molecular Engineering at UCSD. Prof Mali is recipient of numerous awards and felicitations and is also serving as a member of the International Advisory Board for MFCEM.


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